Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thanksgiving in Plano 11-23-2017

I got out of cooking Thanksgiving again this year. I could get used to this 😏. My dear sweet SIL Doris prepared Thanksgiving at her house. Of course the kids were the "life of the party". They were so excited to go to "Aunt Dee's" house. They remembered decorating the gingerbread house and other fun stuff! Doris is so good with them.

Here's little Miss Priss Korin in her Thanksgiving outfit. Isn't it cute?!

This shirt was made by a friend of Vanessa's for Kennedy. Aunt Dee gave her string and beads to make necklaces. She liked doing that.

I LOVE Kashton's shirt! As you can see, he hit the sweets right off the bat. All is free game at Aunt Dee's 😊.

Cousins catching up.

The guys catching up.

Grammer and Korin.

Kashton putting icing on the gingerbread house to stick candy on it.

Korin watching Kashton.

Kennedy helping Kashton with "snow" (coconut) for the gingerbread house.

Korin getting a turn and decorating the gingerbread house.

Kennedy helping Aunt Dee putting cranberry sauce in dishes.

Helping some more!

Light siblings.

The finished gingerbread house. They did a pretty good job!

Decorating gingerbread men.

Kennedy showing off her decorated  gingerbread man

Korin showing her decorated cookie. Kashton couldn't wait to eat his.😲

If you would like I took a video of the kids decorating the gingerbread men. You can see it here.

Kennedy decorating a Christmas Tree brownie.

Almost done. Just need to add a few sprinkles.

The "turkey coma". Everyone is stuffed after lunch!

Aunt Dee didn't buy the pretzel sticks this year thinking she had plenty to keep the kids busy decorating (and she did) but Kennedy remembered the pretzels and asked where they were. So being the wonderful Auntie she is sent Kennedy and Uncle Doren to the store to buy some for her to decorate! Aunt Dee is wearing one of the necklaces Kennedy made.

Cousin Bekah has an "Apple" watch and she let Korin try it. She help Korin make a call to Aunt Dee. She thought that was pretty cool!

Kashton and Korin were getting a bit rambunctious so I took them outside for a bit to burn off some energy. Doris is having a water feature put in her yard. The kids thought it was fun to run without shoes over the rocks! You can see that video clip here.

Mom wanted to get some pictures with the greats to send in her Christmas cards. Now this was going to be interesting with 3 super sugared-up kids. (Remember they had candy from the gingerbread house, gingerbread man cookies, brownies and chocolate chip cookies.)

It actually started out pretty good but it didn't take long for that to change.

With 3 super sugared-up kids and Mother looking at them every time I was trying to get them to look at me, it got rather comical! I think this picture sums it up pretty well don't you think?!  

This one is my fav. I think she should use it although she will probably not agree with me 😉

We had a great laugh.

The food was great, visiting with family great and so were the memories we made. It was another great Thanksgiving to put in the books.

Have a good one!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Some Deer and Sunsets

I was asked by a friend and fellow church member if I could feed their horses while they were out of town for Thanksgiving. I have fed for them before. They left on Tuesday November 21st so my first time to feed was Tuesday night. I love going to their place. Although they live in the city limits their place is secluded. They have wildlife sightings on a regular basis.

When I got to their drive way I saw deer. I counted 3 doe and one buck. He looked like either a 4 or 6 pt. I drive to the house and park. I make my way to their yard that bumps up to the woods I saw the deer go into. I was hoping to get some pictures. This doe was the only deer I could get a picture of.

Sunset on 11-20-2017

I find the lines of colors so interesting.

Sunset on 11-22. I love the little wisp of clouds.

The sky begins to fill with color.

The colors intensify.

This is so peaceful to me.

I get done with the horses and walk back to my truck. Look what I see! I didn't have time to change lens. I knew that I would spook the deer. So I just took a couple. This picture is deceiving as it was nearly dark. You will have to click on it to make it larger to see that there are 7 deer in this picture. This picture isn't in focus. I couldn't get it to auto focus because it was so dark and I couldn't see well enough to manually focus. Ugh I hate having older eyes 😠

It was still cool to see them! Have a good one!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Sunset 11-18-2017

It just seems to me that sunsets are prettier this time of year. I'm sure there is a scientific reason

Not only were the colors pretty but I liked the unusual pattern in the sky.

Just when I think there won't be any color then BAM. There it is!

Just as quick the color faded away.

Have a good one!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Be the Hope: Help finish the park

Saturday November 18th Doyle and I volunteered with others to help brick the walkways in a park in the area we worked in this summer.

A front moved through that morning. It made the temperature perfect for what we were doing but the wind was a bit crazy! Thankfully we had some break from it from surrounding buildings. There were 3 pathways we bricked. This is one that I bricked.

I couldn't have done it without help from others to bring the bricks to me! This is Rose. She is the Executive Director of Pulse Ministries (the Ministry behind Mission Mineral Wells). We are also good friends.

Doyle came up with the idea of laying different brick for this spot just as the path makes a turn. There is a bench here to sit on. The person on their knees in a yellow shirt is me 😊

This lady also helped bring me bricks early in the process. I learned that she was 71! She made a great hand! She had to leave before we got through but her help was greatly appreciated.

Doyle and I working side by side.

Getting down to the last bit of trail.

Almost there! The man I'm working with is one of the Elders of the church who own this park.

Doyle helped him finish up the last little bit.

Finished trail.

This little area Doyle was doing with different brick.

The group minus a couple that had to leave early.

Although a small group we got a LOT accomplished. Doyle and I were both sore for a couple of days but well worth it!

Have a good one!