Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Beauty and the Beast 12-22-2017

December 21, 2017 Vanessa bought tickets for us to see the Broadway musical The Beauty and the
Beast at the Granbury Opera House. We began the evening at Babe's restaurant. I took this picture of the girls after dinner. The girl in the yellow dress is Kennedy's friend and classmate Sloan.

 Next stop just a few blocks away the historic Opera House.

After the musical, we walked a few doors down to the Merry Jaynes or "the candy store" as the kids call it. They are one of the sponsors of the musical.

So much candy to choose from!

Granbury Courthouse. So pretty.

It was a memorable evening.

Have a good one!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Kennedy's 8th Birthday Party 12-17-2017

Kennedy's birthday was on Monday December 18, 2017. We celebrated her birthday on Sunday December 17th with a party at Old School Pizza.

Her party theme was "Emojis".

There was some playing of games .

Lots of fun playing Pac-man!

Kennedy's gift from Mom and Dad. Kennedy has asked for this for sometime. A hover board.

Very grateful!

It didn't take her long to maneuver it!

It was a great birthday celebration!

Have a good one!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

First Craft Fair 12-09-17

I finally took the plunge. I entered my first Craft Fair. I wasn't really prepared. I have no business name, no business cards and no way to receive credit/debit cards but I decided if I didn't just "do it" I might not ever. The space was free so it was a good opportunity without a lot of investment. It was held in the neighboring community of Millsap. Population about 500. This was the community's day for a Christmas Parade and lighting of the tree. This was their first year to host vendors. You can see some of the vendors by the flag pole in this picture.

I shared a booth with my daughter's friend Taylor. She makes custom designed wood signs, wreaths, shirts and much more.

Our both was on the corner of this sign.

I already have ideas of how to better display my cards than just lying on the table. Unless people came inside the booth they could not be seen. It was also a bit windy that day. I had to use double stick tape to the backs to keep cards from blowing off the table.

Kennedy came with me too. Although it was about 60 that day it was pretty chilly out of the sun. Good thing Taylor was prepared and brought blankets!

 Taylor was having problems with her merchandise too when the wind would gust!

A friend of Taylor's had the booth next to us. She was so sweet. Come to find out she is our neighbor and leaves just a few houses down from us!

You can tell Taylor has been doing this for a little while. I got lots of tips from her in how to proceed.

Things were pretty slow until after the parade.

There was several things going on. There was live entertainment, Chili cook-off, Ugly Sweater Contest,

The Millsap High School band played some Christmas songs.

Belle and the Beast were there.

Even with more people there, I only sold one card but I'm okay with that. I see it as a "first step", "getting my feet wet" so to speak.

Kennedy found a booth that offered reindeer kits for kids to make and hot chocolate!

Isn't she the cutest reindeer ever?!

In the end I was glad I did it and it was fun.

Have a good one!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Dance Performance 12-15-2017

Friday, December 15th the studio where Kennedy's takes dance lessons held a performance at our local elementary school.

It was the same performance she did at Merry Wells. I took pictures instead of video this time.

The girl standing next to Kennedy is the same age. They are both tall girls!

As you can tell by their shoes, this was a tap dance to Jingle Bells.

They did a great job!

Grammer and Korin waiting for the performance to begin.

Remi, Keannon and Vanessa also waiting for the performance to begin.

I had gone to the front by the stage to get pictures. All the dancers were siting in their groups on the floor. Kennedy came over to me and I got this picture before her performance. Her group performed next to last.

The girls asked to spend the night with me (surprise).

I usually put these clings on my storm door but hadn't got that done yet. I needed to make dinner so I let the girls do that. It didn't take them long to get tired of doing that so they didn't finish.  I never got it finished either so I took down what they did which is what you see and put them up until next year.

Have a good one!