Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Cold End to March

Saturday, March 30th a cold front came through bringing gusty biting winds and much cooler temps than the 70's we had been enjoying just in time for Korin's soccer game!

Korin played most of the game but when she didn't she was bundled up on the bench.

Last season, Korin wasn't into soccer and spent more time coming off the field to talk to Mom than she played.

She has changed considerably. I missed her first game. Vanessa said she got a goal!

She has her back to the camera in this photo with the number 2 on her jersey.

Got a little action going!

Korin almost got a goal!

Here is the newest member of the Bailey family and my new granddog.

Meet Axle a Labradoodle. He is Kashton's birthday present. I told Vanessa that I think she just wanted a dog 😉. He has a very sweet nature. He's 6 wks here I believe.

He loves to be held but at some point he will be too big for that!

Have a good one!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Bluebonnet Pic with the Kids 3-29-19

Remi was here for her Spring Break which was the last week in March. I always try to get pics of the
kids in the Bluebonnets and sure like to take advantage when Remi is here.

We managed to get that done on March 29th a few days before she had to go back home. It was overcast that day but I really think that was to my benefit.

There is a house in town whose yard is full of Bluebonnets every year!

There is a sidewalk that runs through the Bluebonnets making it easier to be "in them" without smashing any!

Kennedy (9), Remi (10), Korin (4) and Kashton (6)

I'm not sure what Kashton is looking at but the way he is cutting his eyes makes this picture cute to me!

Isn't this so sweet?!!

I love how Korin is looking at her brother!

After pictures I took the two "littles" home and the bigger girls got to stay with me. They wanted to craft! But before we went home we went on a little adventure. Going to one of the new murals painted in downtown.

See how big this is!

To the right of the big butterfly is this smaller one with Bluebonnets.

I took them to Dobbs Valley to the little country church that has Bluebonnets in their yard. They flowers were not as numerous as I have seen in years past but it worked. It's hard to see in this picture with the clouds but they are there.

After pictures I gave them some family history as Doyle's parents and some other family are buried in the neighboring cemetery.

Kennedy is outgrowing her sister.

Such pretty flowers!

Have a good one!

Monday, April 8, 2019

Morning with Remi 3-26-19

When Remi is visiting it is very rare that I get any time with just her. So we were both excited about getting to do that while Kennedy, Kashton and Korin were at school.

Vanessa was working so I took the morning off work. Vanessa brought Remi by after taking the kids to school. Remi had told me she wanted to craft! A girl after my own heart 😊!

We started by having breakfast and her helping me make her favorite food....Pancakes!

I don't use a mix. I have a simple recipe and make them from scratch. They are SO good!

Eating the fruits of her labor.

After breakfast we head to the craft room!

She loves to stamp

and then color the images.

After crafting for a while it was time to take her to Grammer. Grammer wanted some time with her too although she also had Korin but that was okay.

Korin wanted in the picture too!

Have a good one!

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Celebrating Kashton's 6th Birthday

Kashton turned 6 on March 5th. We held his party when Remi could come which was March 24th. He didn't care. Dad took him on his birthday to Maverick which is a gym/physical fitness Center. They have trampolines and all kinds of things to jump and play on.

The cousins. Kennedy (9), Krystal (10) and Remi (10).

Keannon and Remi.

Grandma (Keannon's Mom Karen), Grammer and Keannon with Granddad in the background.

Some of the guests.

It was very windy that day. Keannon is trying to light the candles.

Kashton with his buddies Major (on the left) and Harbor (on the right).

He didn't actual dig into the cake but it made for a fun picture!

Remi with "Judah Bear".

Gift from Papa Joe pre-approved by Mom and Dad.

Gift and card from me and Granddad.

He was excited to get Indominus Rex on his birthday card!

I knew Kashton liked dinosaurs and I figured he had a favorite so I asked Vanessa. I had to google it because I didn't know what Indominus Rex was! (It's from Jurassic Park). This picture came up. I printed it and put on the card with a "happy birthday" sentiment and I had a card for Kashton!

We also got him the Indominus Rex toy.

Of the 4 kids, Kashton is the most expressive!

A great time had by all!

Have a good one!