Monday, December 10, 2018

What a Day! 11-24-2018

Saturday November 24th was a big day in our town. The Crazy Water Festival that was cancelled due
to rain was taking place, Merry Wells, and Zonta's Sip, Shop Socialize were all happening.

I purchased a booth in the Zonta's Sip, Shop and Socialize for Light in My Pathway.

Doyle got this picture of a couple of his buddies stopping by my booth.

There were LOTS of people there.

and lots of different vendors.

We were inside the Historic Crazy Water Hotel.

It is currently being renovated but this area was available to use. We did however experience some electrical issues so the event was shut down early. Which was ok with me because otherwise I was going to miss everything else!

I had time to take my stuff home, unload, feed horses, pickup Kashton and Korin and come back for the parade.

The parade was spectacular! If you're interested I did record the whole parade (about 28 minutes). You can see it here.

It is estimated that anywhere from 5 to 8,000 people were lining the streets to see the parade! There were 50 entries! This was bigger than last years!

Mother sang with the Silver Notes here. Unfortunately as you can see there was no way we could get close enough!

It was a wonderful day! Lots of excitement in the air. Great things are happening in our community raising the level of hope once again!

Have a good one!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Thanksgiving in Plano 11-23-2018

We had Thanksgiving at Vanessa's house. I guess I was "out to lunch". I did not take a single picture! I know...what was I thinking?! 😲 Thankfully Doyle got this one except this time he's not in the picture!

Vanessa and Keannon did a great job of preparing lunch. Vanessa even cooked her very first turkey! I've never done that! I've always opted for a smoked one!

On Friday we made our way to spend "Thanksgiving" with Doyle's family at his sister's in Plano. The kids absolutely LOVE Aunt D!

Doyle with our great-nephew Hunter. He is 5 months old.

Of course Aunt D had all the stuff ready for the kids to decorate a gingerbread house.

Remi & Kennedy with the finished product!

Of course we had a wonderful spread!

Korin and Grammer on the swing. It was a beautiful day.

Doris usually acknowledges her brother's birthday while we are there as it isn't long after Thanksgiving (December 1st). Remi and Kennedy present him with his birthday cupcake and sing happy birthday.

Our niece Beka, husband John and our great-nephew Hunter. Sweet family!

Doyle got this picture of Remi with Hunter.

Later that evening I wen to The Market for Black Friday. All the vendors were asked to come and be available to answer questions about our product or help with customers.

During a lull, I took a selfie with the beautiful tree across from my card display in The Market.

Isn't the staircase beautiful?! This is where we had our family pictures taken. I can't wait to see them!

I love this view of The Market from the staircase.

This was too cute. The bathroom on the second floor of The Market.

Have a good one!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Remi for Thanksgiving.

It has been several years since we were able to have Remi with us during the Thanksgiving holiday.

We were so excited to have her for a week! We had not seen her since the end of her summer visit the end of July.

November 20th Vanessa made arrangements to have family pictures made while she was here. We do not have those back yet. After pictures we went to Old School Pizza for a small family birthday celebration for Remi's birthday that was the 15th. She turned double digits! She's 10! She chose to open my card and gift first.

On November 21st, Vanessa dropped off the girls to me at the office. After work I took them for lunch at Golden Chick. Their cousin Krystal is with them.

Later that evening we went downtown to the area where Merry Wells would be taking place to see the lights. Remi had to go home on Saturday and would miss the parade.

This picture was so fun having the Baker in the background with the moon behind the clouds.

This is a mural that was discovered in the renovation of this building. Touchups were done on it by local artists to bring it to life again.

The girls had to sit in Santa's chair.

They love each other so much 😍

Have a good one!

Friday, December 7, 2018

Air Evac 15 year Celebration

November 17th our local Air Evac base celebrated 15 years of serving Mineral Wells and Palo Pinto County with a lunch at the Holiday Hills Country Club.

Doyle was thrilled to be a representative of the City to present them with a proclamation signed by the Mayor to proclaim November 17th Air Evac Day.

Reading the proclamation.

Presenting the proclamation to Program Director of Air Evac Mineral Wells Base, Kathy Humphrey. They were as thrilled to receive it as Doyle was in giving it!

He had a great time catching up with people he knew and meeting some new faces since his retirement.

Have a good one!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Time with Wayne and Kids 11-17-2018

Wayne and Kelley came the weekend before Thanksgiving. For the first time in a long while we managed to see the kids! Dad and Barbara came too.

Kelley organized a dinner for all of us at Pasta Fina.

Since this was such a momentous occasion we took pictures. It wasn't the greatest background but we did the best we could.

Mom (aka Gma or Grammer), Vanessa and Doyle.

Barbara, Dad, Vanessa, Doyle and me.

Taylor holding Scarlett, Barbara, Dad, Kelley and her daughter Sophie, Wayne, Addison (Due in February), BF Justin and Destiny. We are missing Destiny's husband Michael and Taylor's GF Whitney.

Dad (aka Grandpa) with all the grands and one great grand. Vanessa didn't want to deal with the her kids so she left them at home with Keannon.

Grammer with her grands and great grand.

The WHOLE gang!

Dad, Barbara, Scarlett, Taylor, Mom, Wayne, Kelley with daugher Sophie, Vanessa, Destiny, Addison, Justin, me and Doyle.

 Not the best picture of Wayne but a good one of Taylor and Scarlett. She turned 2 the past May.

Have a good one!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Thanksgiving Program 11-15-2018

It's been a little busy around here for me. I have some catching up on blog posts!

The grands had a Thanksgiving program on November 15th. It was called "The Turkeys Go On Strike". It was really cute.

All of them were in it but where I was sitting and where they were on the stage made it hard to get a recording of the two smaller ones.😞

Here is a video with Kennedy. She is on the extreme right side of the video.

Kennedy is getting so tall. She is already passed my chin!

Vanessa took these for me. Korin has a big bow in her hair and Kashton is to the left.

This is a typical Korin face and posture (hands on her hips)!

Not sure why Kashton is making that face!

It was a great program.

Have a good one!

Monday, November 12, 2018

Still Making Cards for Family and Friends

In case you were wondering if I was too busy making cards to sell. The answer is no. At least not yet 😊. I am however keeping steady.

Here are the cards I made for the month of October for family and friends. I love this vintage gal and have used her numerous you will see in a minute 😉

I made this for dear friends of mine celebrating their 40th anniversary. I don't know why but I had already chosen the colors when I found out that maroon was the color for a 40th wedding anniversary! I thought that was pretty cool. We held a surprise celebration (at least to the wife it was a surprise) at the church after services October 7th. It was a great time!

I have made so many cards now that it is getting hard to remember who I have given what card to! I think I made this one for my brother's girlfriend.

This was made for a young man at my church who is a bowler and very good! I didn't have any bowling stamps so I improvised, finding a picture on the internet that would work and stamped the sentiment. The inside reads "Hope it's a strike!"

This is for another person at my church. I got a little behind on cards during this time and this one ended up being late.

I made this one for my Dad's birthday.

I'm kind of proud of this one. I created the background using water colors. This card was made for a man at my church.

These next two cards I made for my sister-in-law and my step mom. I made them about the same time and I don't remember which card went to which person 😲

Kennedy was over not long ago and said that she had taken one of the cards I made her for her birthday for show and tell at school. One of her classmates asked her if I would make her birthday card. Kennedy told me she liked elephants so I created this for Kennedy to give to her.

In case you are wondering...Light in My Pathway is doing well. I have a separate blog for it and you can find it here if you would like to keep up! You can also access that blog through the website. Be sure to bookmark it for easy reference.

Have a good one!