Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Little Helper 10-27-2017

On Friday, Vanessa came by the office with Korin.

You're looking at a future church secretary 😉.

When Grammer arrived to help me with the bulletin Korin was pretty happy. She loves her Grammer (and Grammer loves her)!

The green bear was a gift from a friend from many years ago. I keep it at the office as that's where she brought it.

Have a good one!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Kennedy Serves 10-21-2017

Kennedy is playing volleyball. She loves it. Her Dad and Aunt (Dad's sister) are coaching the team.
They are undefeated this season. Last Saturday (Oct 21st) they played a double header and won both games.

Me, Doyle and Grammer went to the games.

Granddad and Korin waiting for Kennedy's game to start.

Coach Dad.

The other grandmother, Keannon's mom. Kennedy is #20 and her cousin is #9

Grammer and Grandma

Doyle and Vanessa.

Kennedy serving.

Kennedy's "ready" stance 😉

A video clip of some of the game.

Net Ninjas undefeated!

Have a good one!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Crazy Water Festival 10-14-2017

Saturday October 14th was the Crazy Water Festival. Kennedy's dance team was performing at 11am. In the mean time Doyle wanted to watch the washer toss tourney between the Fire/EMS and police department. We also walked around looking at some of the vendors and of course seeing lots of people we knew. We also got our flu shots at the hospital booth while we were there.

Kennedy waiting her turn to go on.

I will warn you that I was really close to the dance area and we were looking right into the sun. There were times I cut off Kennedy's head 😞 but I got most of it! Enjoy!

Have a good one!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Wayne Visits 10-13-2017

My brother came to Texas for a business trip having meetings at his former place of employment. He arrived in Texas on Monday. Business wrapped up on Thursday. Kelley flew in to meet him and they both drove to Mineral Wells to stay in the apartment through the weekend.

On Friday night the 13th we planned to go eat with them to our new eatery owned by friends of ours. It was a very busy night for them as Mineral Wells Graduating Class of 1972 had their reunion there too! We still had a great time.

I should have had someone just take a picture of us. Sometimes selfies aren't the best pictures at least in my case! Vanessa managed to sneak in this one too which is fine!

The owner asked me to go up top to get some pictures of the crowd. I got this of our group and some new friends we made that night. I didn't tell them what I was doing but they spied me!

They quit looking after I zoomed in a bit.

This gives you a little idea how busy they were. We are at the table on the left side behind the guy in a black shirt standing.

It was the eve of the Crazy Water Festival too and there were some bands playing on the patio at the Famous Water Company. So we walked over there to listen for a spell. It was great music.

Have a good one!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A Couple of Cards

Here are a couple of cards I made recently.

I have already post several cards I have made using this image. I just love this stamp set from Unity called "Happy Snail Mail" their May 2017 Sentiment Kit.

I used Copic Markers to color most of the image. On the mushroom dots I used liquid pearls. I sent this to a young man that used to be a member of our church. He left to go to school out of state and has chosen to stay at least for a time. He was part of our worship team and I got to know him pretty well. Earlier this summer he was working at a youth camp and talked about how others were getting letters from home and he wished he could get some. I sent him a message and told him I would send him a letter if I had a mailing address. He gave it to me and I started sending him "snail mail" 😉. Even after camp ended I have continued to send him cards from time to time.

Doyle is taking a class co-hosted by the Mineral Wells Police Department and Mineral Wells
Fire/EMS called Citizens Emergency Services Academy. This gives him an opportunity to ride with officers on patrol. He did that the other night and he asked me for a "Thank You" card.

I made this unique card using a picture taken of the department's badge. I cut the badge out then put foam tape behind it to give it more dimension. I used an embossing folder for the white background. I used a Stampin' Up sentiment that I heat embossed on vellum and placed over the card and tucked the edges under the black paper before attaching to the card base. I really like how it turned out and hubs did too 😊.

Have a good one!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Pumpkin Patch 10-12-2017

Thursday October 12th Kashton's class took a field trip to a pumpkin patch in Stephenville at Lone Star Farms. Stephenville is about 45 miles south of Mineral Wells. Vanessa went also taking Korin and Kennedy. She invited me to go along. I was thrilled. Vanessa went with the homeschool group last year but I was unable to go then.

Most of Kashton's class.

Kashton showing off for me.

Lots and lots of pumpkins!

Kennedy with her friend and classmate Rayden. He is from the family that the kids went with on vacation this summer.

Waiting for the tour to begin and they are swinging on the irrigation pipe!

The Indians are restless and start jumping the hay bales meant for sitting on 😊.

Kennedy and Rayden,

Mrs. Wheaton, Kashton's teacher giving some instruction.

Rayden, Kennedy and Korin heading to the hayride station. It's just so sweet they are holding hands. Warms my heart 😉

The farmer talking about all the things we have that cotton is in.

That hair! I guess I'm going to have to start carrying something with me. She never has anything in her hair to keep it out of her face!

Selfie with some of the grands and friends. The little boy with me is Harbor. His grandmother is a close friend of mine. She cleans the church and when she comes she usually has him with her so we are buddies too 😉. The little red-head is Korin's friend Ellie.

Keannon and Kashton.

Korin and I walking to the next thing.

Vanessa, Korin, Keannon, Kashton.

Korin on the hay slide.



I've been made 😜

Vanessa and her friend Shaina (Rayden's mother. Rayden's dad is a fireman. He was unable to go that day).

Korin and Keannon.

Playing in the corn. Reminds me of the days on the farm 😊

Korin filling a dump truck with corn.

On to the corn maze.

Korin and Ellie.

The wind was in my favor and blew her hair out of her face 😉.

Picking her own pumpkin in the "mini" pumpkin patch.

This was so fun. Stick-horse barrel races.

Kennedy (7 yrs 10 mos)
Korin (3)
Kashton (4 yrs 7 mos)

I just love the colors of fall. Neat display.

It was so pretty I decided to take a selfie with it.

It was a great time.

Have a good one!