Saturday, April 1, 2017

Saw the Hawk Again 3-27-17

On Monday morning I was leaving from feeding horses. I backed up to turn around to drive down the
driveway and I saw him! The hawk! Sitting right in front of me perched on the pipe fence right by the driveway! I couldn't believe my eyes!

I quickly grabbed my camera bag and hurriedly changed lens to my zoom. I was so afraid he would take off before I was ready! I snapped this picture quickly through my windshield so it's not really in focus but you can tell it's him.

I opened the door of my truck to try to get another one and he took flight. I watched to see where he would land next. He flew to the back parking lot of the church. I drive over there to see him take flight again and land on top of the church as you see here. I got out of my truck and crept up to get a picture. I did get this one but he was watching me.

When I got closer than he was comfortable with he took flight again.

I watch him to see if I will be able to continue to follow him.

But he lands in a yard behind a privacy fence ending my pursuit.

It was a fun way to start my morning 😊.

Have a good one!