Thursday, April 27, 2017

Good Friday 4-14-2017

I made arrangements with Vanessa to take Kashton riding on Good Friday. He was impatient for me to come. Here is a picture that she took and what she said "He's had his boots on since 8:30AM". I picked him up about 10:30!

He was a happy boy!

I let him choose what horse he wanted to ride. He picked Diamond. As he put it "he's my favorite". Mine too buddy 😉

We stop for a quick selfie!

I took him behind the churches through the trees and behind the housing addition. He told his mom that I took him through secret passage ways 😉

We found some pretty Indian Paint brushes on our ride.

After his ride, I told him I would take him to eat anywhere he wanted to go. He first said "Taco Casa" then he changed his mind and said he wanted to go to the "new McDonald's". I asked where that was. He said it was next to the old one!

When we got to McDonald's I asked him if this was the one and he said yes. Go figure!

He is something else!

I take him home and look who greeted us 😲

After dropping off Kashton I go back to the horses to meet Ashley. I had made arrangements to ride with her and another couple from church that I have ridden with before. We had some rain and the State Park horse trails were closed so I got permission to ride at Pastor Kirk's place.

Ashley on Diamond, Joelle in the middle and her husband Tracy on the right.

I'm leading the pack 😉

Taking pictures.

Joelle shared some of the photos she took.

Getting a drink.

We had a great ride. We saw some rabbits and a lone coyote! Thankfully no snakes! Pastor Kirk had killed a 6 ft rattler just a few days ago not far from their house!

Have a good one!