Saturday, September 2, 2017

School Starts 8-21-2017

The day school starts Keannon and Vanessa decide to have breakfast at our local cafe "Jimmy's"
along with their friends the Dunn's (Raydon and Reese's parents). Doyle and I join them.

We took pictures outside the cafe before they head off for their first day of school.

Kashton was having issues with the sun. If he had sunglasses like his buddy Reese that wouldn't have been a problem. 😉

First day of school Kennedy 2nd grade and Kashton Pre-K taken outside the school.

Kashton and Reese in the "commons" area. This is where they have lunch and many other things.

Kashton and Reese in their classroom. (photo credits go to Reese's mom "Shaina" and Vanessa).

Vanessa posted this on Facebook with the caption "Someone missed her human today". So sweet.

Have a good one!


  1. Great back to school photos! And how sweet. Pets do miss you when you are gone.