Friday, March 11, 2016

Storm March 7, 2016

Meteorologists forecast the rain was coming. It had rain on and off all day but nothing very heavy. I was on my way to Bible Study and I stopped to feed horses on the way. It began to rain hard. The wind picked up and it was raining sideways! I hung out at the barn with the horses. Diamond and Fancy had finished eating. Clyde was still eating in the stall on the same side of the barn as the other two. Not sure why they chose to be on that side of the barn considering the wind was coming from that direction. The blue tarp I put up to block wind in the winter helped some but the horses still got wet from the rain blowing through. It was pretty intense for a bit. I had on a rain coat but it only covered part of my legs. The rest of me got soaked! When I drove to the church the water was over the road and deep! I checked the rain gauge the next morning and we had received 6.1 inches of rain! People were stranded all over the city! We even made National news so I heard. I didn't see it. Someone on Facebook said the news reported our town as Mineral Springs instead of Mineral Wells. All I know is it was one wild ride! Have a good one!


  1. I saw the news segment on Facebook and laughed at the Mineral Springs. I bet it was intense. A bit scary for sure. Did the horses get a chance to dry out any over the many days that it rained? I bet they enjoyed the sunshine finally on Saturday.

    1. Yes they dried out. Then they were covered in mud from rolling in it!