Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Family Vacation - Going Home Day

Saturday February 27th, going home day. Our hosts suggested taking the scenic route back to Denver through Loveland Pass.  They said the time wasn't enough to make a difference. Doyle was game and so was I. I'm always up for seeing something different.

It was worth the drive! I didn't take any pictures out of the car window as I was doing my best not to get motion sick with the winding road through the mountains!

Doyle stopped when he could which was at Loveland Pass, the Continental Divide. It was a great start to our early morning!

I was grateful that there were some other people there that we asked to take our picture. The wind was blowing as you can see from my hair! It was bitterly cold!

I snapped a few more pictures before we left.

This scenic route didn't keep us from driving the interstate. We still had to get on it to get to Denver.

When we got on the interstate the West bound traffic to the mountains was bumper to bumper of people trying to go ski for the weekend! It was like this until the edge of Denver! We were so glad we were traveling the opposite direction!

It was fun but it's nice to be back home!


  1. Vacations are always fun but it does feel good to get home! Glad you took that scenic route. It's beautiful!