Monday, March 7, 2016

Family Vacation Day 3

On Thursday February 25th Doyle and Keannon had planned to ski. This was Doyle's whole reason for going on this trip. Doyle and I had not been snow skiing since 1999!  I had originally thought that I would not try to ski but after talking about it I changed my mind and went. Doyle also signed up Kennedy for lessons. We had hoped she could ski with us later that day. Where we were staying was within 5 minutes of Keystone Ski Resort which is where Doyle wanted to ski.

We get Kennedy checked into ski school then we went to rent our ski gear. We are finally outfitted

and make our way to the chairlift to take us to the top of the mountain.

Once at the top Doyle gives Keannon and I the plan of what trail we will take and how he plans to ski behind us in case either one of us needs help.

I love this man! He is so in his element. Which I find funny because he really doesn't like cold or snow yet he loves to ski! Go figure!

The view is so pretty. I could stay right here and be happy. But...what goes up...must come down!

Doyle and Keannon. Keannon hadn't been skiing since he was a teenager! He picked it up pretty quick!

We both fell a few times. Me more than Keannon. I just couldn't be brave enough to go faster in order to make my turns more smoothly therefore catching them in the snow making me fall :(

If you remember I said that Kennedy hadn't felt good. Well, she had an episode of vomiting during ski school so she didn't finish. Keannon went and picked her up about noon. The boys went for another run and I stayed with Kennedy until Vanessa came and got her.

After Kennedy left, the 3 of us went up again.

These are my skis. I only managed to go down the mountain 2 times and I was done. I just wasn't in shape enough to do more. My legs were like jelly and the last fall I took I hit hard bruising my hip! At least I tried.

I decided to call it quits and go visit my brother but not before I took a picture of us.  I left the boys to ski to their hearts content.

I left about 4:30 and drove to my brother's which was a 90 minute drive.

We went to dinner and had a good visit. I have kicked myself for not getting at least one picture of us!

Have a good one!


  1. Great photo of the three of you! Twice down is definitely more than I'd do! Sorry Kennedy got sick. Not fun on vacation. Poor little thing.

    1. Thanks! We think it may have been altitude sickness. She got better after we got home.