Monday, March 30, 2015

Batty Day at the Office

Thursday (March 26th) was an ordinary day at the office. Pastors pray is on Thursday mornings. They start at 8am and are still going when I arrive. They were quit chatty with me and one another as they began to dismiss. I had a friend come in as they were leaving. We had been talking for a while when for some reason I cannot recall why I look up at the ceiling. I was startled. I saw something I knew was not supposed to be there! I couldn't decide if it was a HUGE bug or what! About that time my friend sees it and says "that's a bat". We both try to get a picture of it. This was taken with my phone. I then
remembered I had my SLR camera with me in the truck which had my zoom lens with it. Now you can see him a bit better. All that commotion in the office and he was undisturbed!

We have a local Bat Sanctuary which I called.

Someone came out within 10 minutes! Our ceilings are really tall!

He got the bat down safely. The little bat wasn't too happy. He squawked a lot!

Needless to say that was a first in my 15 years of working here!

Have a good one!


  1. This was batty! Glad you had Bat World right there in Mineral Wells to take him back to a safer place!

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