Saturday, August 18, 2018

Trip to Visit Family: Day 6 - City Park and Ice Cream 08-03-2018

Friday, August 3rd was our last day on the farm. Every day we were there I enjoyed watching
hummingbirds coming to the feeder they had right outside the dining room window. I found it very relaxing and enjoyable.

Since Kashton missed out on driving the tractor because he fell asleep GGPa graciously got the tractor out again and let him drive.

Click on the picture to enlarge and you can see how happy he is behind the wheel! Of course sisters had to tag along but he didn't mind πŸ˜‰

I don't think Kashton will forget this any time soon!

That afternoon GGPa took us to the little city park just south of town.

There is a little kid inside of everyone πŸ˜‰

Dad said this is an actual bridge that was replaced and put in the park. Notice the field of soy beans in the background?

There were Canadian geese at the park too! Maybe that's where the 5 we saw at Dad's came from.

The kids thought they had to throw rocks in the water.

We left the park and on the way back to Dad's we stopped at "The Main Scoop". A little ice cream
shop in a town with a population of 543! GGPa treated everyone to ice cream!

The owner let Korin come around the counter so she could see what ice cream she wanted.

I just love this picture! It makes me happy 😊

Although I don't have pictures, that evening, my Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Sharon (Dad's sister) came to see us. My step-sister and childhood friend (Sheryl) came too. Sheryl's sister,  Karen came by on her way home from work for a few minutes. It was a great time of visiting.

Have a good one.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Trip to Visit Family: Day 5 - Driving the Tractor 08-02-2018

Thursday, August 2nd we began the day with walking the cornfield with GGpa. He has a path he walks that when he's finished is 3 miles. Kennedy and Kashton started with us. After a mile, Kennedy was ready to do something else.  When we walked by the pond we saw that the farm had visitors. Five Canadian geese.

We got too close for them and they went to the water. They eventually flew away.

GGPa and Kashton walking.

On our last lap Korin joined us.

Korin and Kashton both wanted to watch the frogs jump in the water.

Korin wanted to pick flowers.

And she wanted to run across the bridge.

After our walk, GGPa got out the tractor. The kids were so excited!

Look at the smile on that boy!

GGPa drove all around the corn field then took them down the road a short distance. What I want you to notice in this picture is Kashton who is on GGPa's left is slumped over....sound asleep!😲

After they got back. GGPa let Kashton and Korin out of the tractor and he let Kennedy drive the tractor! She was beside herself! You can click on the picture for a better look.

Later that evening after supper. GGP and Kashton played catch.
What is precious about this photo is when Vanessa told the kids where we were going and they were packing their things, the first thing Kashton packed was his ballglove because when GGPa visited us last he played catch with Kaston and he wanted to do that again! Great memories being made❤.

That evening my Dad's youngest brother, my Uncle Alan and his wife Lyndie came over to visit.

Have a good one!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Trip to Visit Family: Day 4 - Kansas City Zoo 08-01-2018

Wednesday August 1st, Dad (GGPa) took us to the Kansas City Zoo.

Recognize any of these zoo animals 😜?!

The first exhibit we saw was the Polar Bears. We don't have these at the Fort Worth Zoo.

Korin wanted her picture with nearly every statue we saw!

I love this little Kangaroo πŸ’•!

This is one big snake! Yep brave Korin is trying to get his attention. We quickly put a stop to that! 😲

This was Mom's (Vanessa's) idea but it was pretty funny!

Kennedy liked the hippo statues.

Cute little monkey!

Found a slide!

These little guys were cute!

I thought this horse sculpture made from wood was cool.


Watching the penguins.

watching the penguins swimming under the water.

Korin did pretty good but every so often she would ask GGPa to carry her.

Even though she is only 3 she is heavy!

Like any good Grandpa....he did πŸ˜‰

We came to a little observation area where there were chairs and everyone of the young'uns sat down!

Kashton really liked the gorilla!

We saw lots of interesting animals.

They look dead but they are sleeping πŸ˜‰

These are called "Laughing Kookaburra" but they didn't laugh for us!

Of course Monkeys.

All the large animals were on the other side of the zoo. This zoo is really spread out! Wish I had thought to count my steps. I know we walked LOTS of them.

The zoo closed at 4pm during the week and we were running out of time to see the section of the zoo that had the large animals. Vanessa and I looked at the zoo map and decided we would take the train. The kids wanted to ride it anyway.

GGPa and Korin were riding in the car in front of us.

What we didn't realize is the train didn't go to the other side of the zoo! So we rode the train back to the depot and get on the tram

Trying again to get to the other side of the zoo!

King of the primates.

This one was so used to people that the kids were able to put their hands through the fence and pet

This was an interesting bird. Notice the heart shape on his chest?

Rhinos remind me of pigs 😊

We ran out of time to go by the Giraffe exhibit but you could see them from where we were. They have a baby giraffe named Daisy that was born in February.

She was so cute!

We walked some more. Little Korin was tuckered out.

Me and Dad

With the zoo close to closing, we took the sky lift back to the tram to get back to the front of the zoo.

Vanessa was a bit apprehensive about the little ones riding it but I assured her we had one adult for each kid and it would be fine.

GGPa rode with Korin

It was a nice view.

We stopped at the front of the zoo to let Kennedy refill a water bottle. While we were waiting we snapped a couple more pictures.

You can almost see Kashton's eyes πŸ˜‰

Although tired we had a great day!

That evening we played some basketball again. I walked to the tank (pond for those from Missouri). I love the reflection of the corn in the water.

My walking to the water made the frogs hop in.

I watched the sunset over the cornfield while very large dragonflies danced in the air around Dad's shop. You can see a video clip of those here.

Nothing quite like watching the sunset on the farm😊

Have a good one!