Saturday, March 25, 2017

It's Softball Season 3-16-17

Kennedy is playing softball this year. Her team had a scrimmage on Thursday March 15th.

She was in right field getting a little coaching.

Getting a grounder.

Getting a hit.

Running for first.

Later that evening the sky was beautiful.

A close up.

Have a good one!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Kashton's 4th Birthday Party 3-18-2017

Kashton turned 4 years old on March 5th. Vanessa had a bachelorette weekend for a friend so since she had to put off the party anyway she decided to have it when Remi would be here.

Party day was planned for March 18th. The theme was Power Rangers. He is all about Power Rangers, Captain America, Batman, Spiderman, and any other superhero!

Vanessa planned to have burger, hotdogs and a bounce house.

This was the first big event at the kids new home. Vanessa put Remi in charge of making signs to point the way to the backyard where the party took place. The weather couldn't have been more perfect!

Isn't this a great cake?! It taste good too!

Kashton's best buddy Hudson.

Korin's buddy. She went inside the house and brought him one of her babies to hold.

At one point Kashton went to his Dad and told him there were too many kids here. He worked through it and kept playing!

I made my way around the bounce house and found this little beauty by the fence. It was totally unexpected. I didn't know Vanessa had any flowers in the backyard and this one was a bit unusual so I had to take a picture of it!

Vanessa with both her dads!

There was a great turnout of people!

Opening gifts.

Kashton is one of the most appreciative kids I know! He is so grateful for everything!

Thanking Grammer for the money she gave him.

We got him a cheap guitar in hopes he will leave the one we got Kennedy alone. We'll see!

His loot!

Kashton trying out some of his gifts.

Happy Mom and Dad!

Keannon got in the bounce house with the kids. That was pretty funny.

Vanessa posted this picture on Facebook with the caption "Birthday Party Success".

Yes it was and a great time!

I just gave you a sampling of pictures. To see more check out my album on Facebook titled Kashton's 4th Birthday Party.

Have a good one!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Weird Clouds March 10, 2017

I took Kashton to ball practice March 10th for Vanessa so she could take Kennedy to volleyball practice. I noticed the clouds in the sky. Very unusual to me. It almost looked to me like sand art or at least that's what I thought of when I saw it. I was a bit bummed that I didn't have a better view of the skyline. Where the ball fields are there is a mountain (hill really) in line of view of the West.  I still got enough of a view for you to see what I saw. This view was due West.

This view was to the South looking over the top of the trees at the City Park.

This is looking toward the North.

Looking toward the Northeast.

Looking back toward the sun again from the ball field. Very interesting clouds indeed!

Have a good one!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Paper Piecing and Watercolor

I decided to do another paper piecing card for the Unity {Show & Tell} Facebook page. I am not as happy with this one as I was the other one I did. It was a little harder to do to with her hands. I really do like the way paper piecing does change the look.

This was made using Katie Girl from the Angiegirl collection from Unity Stamp Company. I paper pieced everything on Katie except her skin.

One day last week I watched a Unity tutorial using watercolors. I haven't used watercolors in making cards but I'm trying to stretch myself. I have watercolors because of the mixed media stuff I got and then didn't do anything with.So I gave it a try and I absolutely LOVED my results!

My first attempt at using the techniques on the video were just watercoloring the rose you see here on watercolor paper. I used my Twinkling H2O's for this. I colored the lined petals of the rose with the color "poppy" using a water brush pen. I dragged the red color onto the uncolored leaves for a lighter color. Once dry, I fussy cut the rose.  I took black cardstock and used an embossing folder for the background for the rose. I used foam tape behind the rose and sentiment. The sentiment was cut out using a wafer die. This stamp set is from Unity's December KOTM (Kit of the month) Always Been You. The sentiment is from that kit as well.

This is the one I am most pleased with. This follows the tutorial more. Using watercolor paper I stamped the rose using Black Archival ink and colored the rose the same as the other one. Then I stamped another rose on a piece of paper, cut it out and used as a mask for the rose I painted. I then applied Distressed Ink "Black Soot" with a blending tool being careful to keep the "masked" rose over the colored one and inked all around the rose. Taking my water pen brush I blended the area I inked around the rose giving a shadow appearance. I took black acrylic paint watered down and randomly splattered the card.

Here's one more card that I paper pieced. This is a Phyllis Harris Design stamp by Unity called "Determination". It makes me think of Kashton.

I'm going to call it a wrap!

Have a good one!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

March 8, 2017

It was time for the farrier.

Tools of the trade.

Later that day Vanessa had me come over to sit with the kids. Kennedy's puppy (Classy) got Parvo and had to spend a couple of days at the vet clinic.  She was well enough to go home and Vanessa didn't want to take the kids.  Kennedy was running fever and had vomiting. The other two seemed ok. After Vanessa got home, Kashton started vomiting.

I had to leave for church but during church Vanessa messaged me to see if I would leave early to help with Korin. Vanessa didn't feel well, Kennedy and Kashton were both sick and Korin was just a happy active little toddler. Keannon was at work. So I went over to take care of Korin and the others for a little while.

Korin is "helping" me fix her something to eat. Isn't she so cute! After I got her fed I put her to bed and went home.

Korin woke up around 2AM vomiting.

I managed to only get a mild case of whatever it was they had.

Everyone is well now!

Have a good one!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Computer Back Up

I got my computer back today! I was about to have withdrawals! All my data including pictures seem to be intact! Thank you Lord! Doyle is already talking about getting an external hard drive in case this happens again. I am extremely grateful!

Ok, so I have a little catching you up to do but it's not too much.

Sunday, March 5th was a pretty sunset. I wasn't sure if the clouds would break enough.

But once the sun got below the cloud line the colors began to shine.

A broader view. It wasn't a spectacular, "wow" kind of sunset but I enjoyed it all the same.

Have a good one!