Monday, December 11, 2017

Volleyball Champs

I shared back in October that Kennedy's volleyball team was undefeated. They stayed undefeated through their season and won their division. Keannon and his sister Karissa are the teams coaches and the cousins play together. Krystal is a year older than Kennedy. This picture was taken on 11-4-2017.

Taken November 11, 2017.

Click here for a clip of one of the matches. In this clip you will see Kennedy return a serve.

Their final game was played a week later on November 18th. Kennedy missed this game as the family went to Arkansas for Remi's 9th birthday.

This picture was taken after Kennedy got back.

8 U stands for age 8 and under.

Great season girls!

Have a good one!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Rich Colors 11-29-2017

Just stunning!

Have a good one!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Love Token 11-27-2017

I don't talk about it often but I do think I have mentioned before that when I get neat opportunities to photograph wildlife or take unusual pictures I consider that God's way of expressing His love to me. In fact I had journaled a few years back about these opportunities being "Tokens of Love" from Him.

Well, I had one of those recently. On November 27th to be exact. It was kind of funny too how this came about.

I had seen a friend of mine post some pictures of an owl on her Facebook page. They were great pictures. It was a neat opportunity that one doesn't get often since they are nocturnal. I was a bit jealous. In all the years of taking pictures I think I have only gotten pictures of an owl 2 different times.

Two days later I was on my way to feed. Halfway there I see a large bird in a very tall tree in a residential area. I am giddy and I believe it's an owl. I park the truck and walk a short distance to where the tree is in someone's yard. One look through my zoom lens confirms what I suspect. I took my first couple of shots from the street but I was on the wrong side of him for good lighting. I was being so careful not to startle him and hoping to get closer for a better shot.

I had to walk into the people's yard to get this shot and was taking pictures when the people who live there arrived home!

It was this shot that helped me identify him as a Great Horned Owl.

It was hard to get a good angle of him. The sun had already gone down and light was limited.

This was the last picture I took after the family arrived home.

Although not the best of pictures I was pleased for the opportunity!

Have a good one!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Meeting up with Nieces

I contacted my niece Addison to see if they would be coming to Texas for the holidays. She said they were coming for Thanksgiving. I knew Mom would want to try to get with her and her siblings if she could so I set out to make that happen.

Addison said it would be easiest to try to connect with them prior to Thanksgiving as she and her boyfriend Justin would be here all that week.

We decided on Tuesday November 21st. We planned to meet for dinner at the Olive Garden in Weatherford. Unfortunately not everyone could get together. It was just us girls. Justin was visiting family in another town. Michael, Destiny's husband was working, Taylor couldn't come. Doyle had city council meeting, Vanessa and bunch had stuff going on too! We had a great time though! And we learned Addison will be here Christmas too so hopefully we'll get to see her again!

On Wednesday before Thanksgiving 11-22 I had all three grands at the house for a little while. Aren't they adorable!

Have a good one!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Merry Wells Christmas Parade 11-25-217

Things were changed up a bit this year as we near the holiday season. In years past the Christmas parade was held on the 1st Saturday in December and usually late afternoon. This year the Chamber of Commerce decided to do something different. The parade (and much more) was planned for the nighttime and the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Entries into the parade were required to be lighted. I did get a video of the entire parade. There were 40 entries! It is 22 minutes long so it's ok if you don't want to watch it.

Doyle and I volunteered to help the  Chamber in any area needed. He was given the task of making sure the entries were in the right order and spaced accordingly. I (and many others) was given the task of making sure no candy was thrown from the entries in the parade and no children running out into the street. The excitement in the air was just electric! I haven't experienced this much excitement in the city in some time! The newspaper reported that almost 3,000 people were lining the streets to watch the parade!

After the parade there was the lighting of the Christmas Tree and photo ops with Santa and Mrs.
Claus. Kennedy's dance class performed as did some others. The Mineral Wells, High School band played several numbers, The Silver Notes that Mom is a part of sang and the Bell Choir from First United Methodist Church performed! There were also vendors set up. It looked like a scene out of a Hallmark Christmas movie! It was magical 😍!

Doyle asked me the night before if I would like to go take pictures in the area where Merry Wells would take place. I agreed. I am so glad I did as there is no way I could have gotten pictures of the decorations the night of the event!

The plaque at the base of the tree.

Doyle tried out Santa's chair 😁

The gazebo.

There were LOTS of volunteers helping to decorate for this event! It looked fantastic!

Mom on the back row to the right of the photo singing with the Silver Notes. Click here for the video. They sang for the Christmas tree lighting then sang again several numbers at the gazebo.

Mom in her Silver Notes vest.

Lots of people!

You can see Kennedy's tap dance routine here. She is wearing the Santa hat with the leopard band.

For the first time to try something like this I think it was a HUGE success! I expect it will be even better next year.

Have a good one!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thanksgiving in Plano 11-23-2017

I got out of cooking Thanksgiving again this year. I could get used to this 😏. My dear sweet SIL Doris prepared Thanksgiving at her house. Of course the kids were the "life of the party". They were so excited to go to "Aunt Dee's" house. They remembered decorating the gingerbread house and other fun stuff! Doris is so good with them.

Here's little Miss Priss Korin in her Thanksgiving outfit. Isn't it cute?!

This shirt was made by a friend of Vanessa's for Kennedy. Aunt Dee gave her string and beads to make necklaces. She liked doing that.

I LOVE Kashton's shirt! As you can see, he hit the sweets right off the bat. All is free game at Aunt Dee's 😊.

Cousins catching up.

The guys catching up.

Grammer and Korin.

Kashton putting icing on the gingerbread house to stick candy on it.

Korin watching Kashton.

Kennedy helping Kashton with "snow" (coconut) for the gingerbread house.

Korin getting a turn and decorating the gingerbread house.

Kennedy helping Aunt Dee putting cranberry sauce in dishes.

Helping some more!

Light siblings.

The finished gingerbread house. They did a pretty good job!

Decorating gingerbread men.

Kennedy showing off her decorated  gingerbread man

Korin showing her decorated cookie. Kashton couldn't wait to eat his.😲

If you would like I took a video of the kids decorating the gingerbread men. You can see it here.

Kennedy decorating a Christmas Tree brownie.

Almost done. Just need to add a few sprinkles.

The "turkey coma". Everyone is stuffed after lunch!

Aunt Dee didn't buy the pretzel sticks this year thinking she had plenty to keep the kids busy decorating (and she did) but Kennedy remembered the pretzels and asked where they were. So being the wonderful Auntie she is sent Kennedy and Uncle Doren to the store to buy some for her to decorate! Aunt Dee is wearing one of the necklaces Kennedy made.

Cousin Bekah has an "Apple" watch and she let Korin try it. She help Korin make a call to Aunt Dee. She thought that was pretty cool!

Kashton and Korin were getting a bit rambunctious so I took them outside for a bit to burn off some energy. Doris is having a water feature put in her yard. The kids thought it was fun to run without shoes over the rocks! You can see that video clip here.

Mom wanted to get some pictures with the greats to send in her Christmas cards. Now this was going to be interesting with 3 super sugared-up kids. (Remember they had candy from the gingerbread house, gingerbread man cookies, brownies and chocolate chip cookies.)

It actually started out pretty good but it didn't take long for that to change.

With 3 super sugared-up kids and Mother looking at them every time I was trying to get them to look at me, it got rather comical! I think this picture sums it up pretty well don't you think?!  

This one is my fav. I think she should use it although she will probably not agree with me 😉

We had a great laugh.

The food was great, visiting with family great and so were the memories we made. It was another great Thanksgiving to put in the books.

Have a good one!