Saturday, January 6, 2018

Christmas Day 2017

This year we got Remi before Christmas so we were able to celebrate on Christmas Day. This was Keannon and Vanessa's first Christmas in their new house.

They got a real tree and it's a big one! I just love this picture. Vanessa took it on Christmas Eve and posted on Facebook. Here is her caption:
 I’m already sad it’s all over after tomorrow.....But still lots of fun to be had in the morning! 

Christmas morning wearing the jammies Doyle and I got them.

Then the mayhem began! Starting with stockings.

Vanessa was pretty smart. She picked a wrapping paper for each child. She put a piece of that paper in their stocking and that's how they identified what gifts were theirs.

Korin got some new books and of course Granddad had to read them to her right then 😉

Vanessa enjoying the kids opening their presents.

Love the fire place. It was helpful on this chilly morning.

Kennedy was happy to get some stuff to put in the bathtub.

Kaptain (spelled with a "K" in keeping with the family tradition) right in the middle of everything!

Dapper (already had his name so it wasn't changed) wanted some attention too!

Kashton got a lot of hot wheels.

And a case to carry them in.

Keannon gets a new office chair.

Grammer got a little something too 😉

A gift card to one of her favorite eateries.

I'm sure you were wondering what the table leg was sticking up in previous pictures. Granddad made a lego table for the kids. Pretty cool huh?!

Doyle proud of his new sports coat the kids got him.

A shirt I couldn't resist buying for me right before Christmas!
We had a great Christmas....just too short or at least it seemed that way to me. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Have a good one!


  1. The real tree is beautiful! Looks like every one was really good and got a good visit from Santa! We had a small, quiet Christmas but it was a good one! It did seem really short this year.

    1. thanks you! I think it seemed short because of how it fell this year.