Wednesday, June 21, 2017

More Baby Birds and Sunset 6-12-2017

We discovered more baby birds in an existing nest.  There were obviously two different sets of eggs
as the other babies had left the nest some time ago.

I kept hearing them but couldn't see them. On June 12th after I had gone to work, Doyle said he found a baby that appeared to have fallen from the nest.

One of my bird friends told me birds don't smell so it wouldn't hurt to put the baby back in the nest which Doyle did.

When I got home later I got out the camera hoping to see the parents feeding the birds but only saw a couple of the babies.

It was pretty warm outside so after watching for a while Doyle and I both went in the house.

We came out later in the evening and discovered two babies had left the nest. One was next to the porch in my flower bed.

The other was in the bush right in front of the porch just above where the other baby was. We don't know where the third one went.

Not the most colorful sunset but pretty all the same with the rays.

I left the horses and decided to swing by where I sometimes take pictures of the Baker Hotel.

I like this with the hint of rays.

Have a good one!


  1. We haven't had much baby bird activity this year. Could be because we closed up the pipe by the carport that some nested in as it caused too much drama with the cats and trying to get them to leave the babies alone! Lovely sky photos!

    1. Thanks Sandy! Ya, cats would cause havoc! I don't have cats anymore.