Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Kids Go On Vacation

Remi is here for her first three week visit. Kennedy is a year younger than Remi and has already outgrown her! This was taken on June 6th.
I got to see them for a little while on Friday June 9th. Keannon was preparing for the family to go on vacation and the girls came with him.

Remi, as she usually does, wanted to go to my craft room and create.

The kids left on Saturday for a week to Port Aransas by Corpus Christi. We gave them a State Park Pass for Christmas and they used it to stay at the state park there. Another family went with them and they had a great time. All these pictures were taken by Vanessa.

The Bailey Bunch minus one. I'm guessing Korin was asleep.

Vanessa's caption "Paradise, right?!"

Walking the pier.

I love this picture.

They had some issues with the seagulls trying to eat all their food! It looked like the "attack of the birds"!

Vanessa had shirts made for everyone. This is Keannon and Ryan. Don't they look thrilled?! The shirts say "wrong turns and sunburns". Ryan really is laid back guy and went along with it.

Ryan works for the Fire Department so Doyle knows him.

Shaina and Vanessa. Their shirts say "good times and tan lines."

Vanessa said a nice lady took their picture so they could all be in it.

The kids quickly learned about these things. Everyone of them got stung. Remi got the worst of it.

Vanessa's caption "Life's a beach, enjoy the waves."

Mommy and Korin.

Vanessa's caption "Baby's first beach trip, earth side."

Ryan, Shaina and one of their sons Rayden.

Ryan with both boys, Rayden and Reese.

Remi, Kennedy and Rayden.

Vanessa at their camper.

She took more pictures but these were what was on Facebook.

They came home Friday (June 15th) afternoon. They had a good time.

Have a good one!


  1. Those girls are sure growing! It was really good to she you and then last week! I love Port Aransas. It's been a few years since we've gone there.

    1. yes they are! It was really good to see you too! We will get together soon!