Saturday, January 21, 2017

Free Braid 1-10-2017

Kennedy had spent the night and went to work with me. I had a hair appointment and she went with
me. After Rachel was done with my hair Kennedy asked if she would do a "fish tail" braid in her hair. I didn't realize Kennedy had asked her until Rachel said yes and told her to hop up in the chair!

I love Rachel. She has been doing my hair since Vanessa was in high school!  I have a standing appointment with her every 5 weeks. Years ago before Rachel I used to wait until I couldn't stand my hair anymore then try to get in. Then the challenge was to find a hair dresser that would give me a hair style that I could manage. The next challenge was to be able to keep that same stylist. It seemed the ones I liked and did good never stuck around, that is until Vanessa connected me to Rachel. Then everything came together.

I thought that was so sweet of Rachel to do that for Kennedy.

All beautified just like Savtah :)

Have a good one!


  1. She is beautiful! I know the feeling of finding a hair stylist. I find them and they either cut my hair different the next time or move off to another town or salon. That's why my hair is long and I just pull it back or up. Well and because Eddie like it long. LOL

    1. Thanks! Your hair looks good on you. I got tired of dealing with mine!