Monday, January 30, 2017

Blue Ribbon Winner 1-5-2017

I can't believe I missed sharing these jewels from January 5th. One of my blue ribbon entries from the county fair was with one of these photos!

The clouds were so fascinating.

I wasn't even sure there would be much of a sunset with all the cloud cover.

And then the color began to emerge and I got my hopes up!

The color began to expand!

I started getting excited!

This is going to be good 😁!

Oh my! I can't believe my eyes 😲

So darn pretty.

I decide to leave the horse pasture and drive to a place where there is a windmill.

Right before I get there, this is what the sky looked like! My heart is nearly pounding out of my chest hoping I can capture some of this with the windmill.

I did!

And this my friends is one of the photos that got a blue ribbon at the county fair 😉😊. Not bad huh?!

Have a good one!