Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Ringing the Bell

For a few years now our church has signed up to "Ring the Bell" for Salvation Army. I love that all
the funds collected stay in our county to help our citizens We missed last year as the one organizing the event didn't get information out in time for us get people to volunteer.

This year when I learned about it I committed our church to do two days a week apart for 6 hrs. I ask people to sign up for 2 hr segments. Unfortunately, I didn't get a lot of choice in the time blocks. The first one was from 8AM - 2PM. Most of our people work so this was going to be a real challenge to fill these slots. I took the 8AM -10AM, I did get someone to do 10AM-12PM, then I went back and did 2PM-4PM.

The weather had been really nice although we had been warned colder weather was coming. It blew in after midnight Wednesday night so Thursday morning was Brrrr. It was cold enough I busted out my insulated overalls.

Friday morning the temp was in the upper 20's. My dear friend Jean offered to come help me.

I like to sing Christmas songs while we are ringing the bell and we sang our hearts out!

When my relief showed up I went to the office to finish and print the bulletin. Mom came to help with that which she usually does. When she learned that I was going back to ring the bell again she said she would join me. She also picked up Kennedy.

We had a good time despite the cold!

Have a good one!


  1. At least you had warm clothes to wear! Brr...

  2. I stayed warm, Kennedy not so much but we did have fun!