Saturday, December 10, 2016

Doyle's Surprise 60th Birthday Party

I have been thinking for months that I needed to do something special for Doyle's birthday this year. I didn't know what. That's not something I'm good at but I knew someone who was so I shared my idea with Vanessa. She helped me get the ball rolling. We wanted to invite as many of those who know Doyle from his past and present. That's lots of folks! We started with trying to figure out where we were going to host it. I knew our house wasn't big enough. With Keannon and Vanessa back in the Peanut Palace, they didn't
have room enough. We asked a couple of different people we knew that would be willing to host the event but there were conflicts with the date we wanted to have it. We finally nailed down a location and Vanessa created a Facebook event. For those who don't do Facebook I mailed invitations.

Doyle's birthday was Thursday December 1st. I had asked him on Tuesday if he wanted to ask a couple of friends to go out to dinner for his birthday but he said "no I don't think so." The Cowboys are playing and I'm going to watch the game with Keannon. I think we'll have pizza so you don't even have to cook". "Well, alrighty then",  I said.

We had a couple of close calls but we managed to keep it a surprise right up until a few steps outside the door of where we were having it! That is pretty amazing considering he doesn't miss a thing. He's a stickler for details and super observant!

These balloons come with little glow lights in them! I thought that was pretty cool.

The night of the party we lured him under the pretense we were going to dinner with the kids. I
wished I had thought through and asked someone to video or take pictures when we arrived but I didn't. One of our friends did get a picture.

We served dinner. Keannon and a friend prepared the meat. We had smoked turkey, brisket and sausage. We had mashed potatoes, green beans and cowboy beans. It was all good!

I mark it as a success!

Have a good one!