Friday, December 23, 2016

Dancin' Etc Christmas Dance Program 12-16-16

Kennedy has been doing so well that she has been bummed twice to the next level class. She is now
in a dance group of mostly 8 and 9 year olds and she just turned 7! She is so tall for her age that she looks like she's 8 or 9! I wish there was a way to slow this down just a bit!

Every year the dance studio "Dancin Etc" puts on a Christmas dance program of all age groups.

While we are waiting for the show to begin. I capture Kashton still just long enough for me to take this picture. He has such pretty eyes!

I also take pictures of the girls I know for their parents. Most try to take pictures with the camera on their phones. Sometimes they work okay but most of the time it doesn't. Our dear neighbor had 3 girls in dance.

This is her middle girl Rachel and also Kennedy's friend.

This is her youngest, Samantha (on the left). They were performing to a song about Chicken Pox for Christmas. That's why they have red dots all over their faces.

Her oldest, Tessa (on the left). They performed to Silent Night.

This little girl is Kabella the daughter of one of Vanessa's friends. Isn't she adorable? So is her little sister.

Here is her sister, Kayah, (on the right).

Another friend of Vanessa's had a daughter in the same class as Kayah and asked me to take pictures too. She is a doll as well. Her name is Gannyn.

Then the "star" attraction. (At least for me)

I love this one!

It was a great performance by each group!

Have a good one!


  1. So many sweet photos of all the many dancers! You are very kind to take photos of them. And yes, Kashton does have beautiful eyes!