Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Cowboyin' for the Kids Trail Ride

Saturday May 7th I participated in a trail ride benefiting Neuroblastoma Childhood Cancer Research
on the Holt River Ranch in Graford about 15 miles Northwest of here. I was a little late getting there and had to catch up to the group.

It didn't take me very long!

The morning ride was about 3 hrs.

The trail went by a deep ravine.

It got a little unnerving along part of the trail.

Are ya scared yet?! Glad I don't have a crazy horse!

Ok now I'm holding my breath.

Beautiful but rugged country. This is a rock creek bed.

In case you get lost LOL!

Lots of pretty wildflowers,

Our first stop for drinks and potty break was a scenic spot overlooking the Brazos River.

Riding down by the river now along the cliffs.

We had to stop here as across the creek in front of the horse at the front of the line out of sight a woman fell off her horse. She wasn't seriously hurt but had to have a ride back to camp. The trail is narrow and hard to get this many horses out of the way for an ATV to come in and pick her up.

This is what it looked like across the creek. In the middle of the photo you can see two people standing. The one in red is the woman who fell. She is in some of the earlier pictures riding in front of me.

We finally get going again.

Fancy manages to get us to the front of the line with our Trail Guide who also happens to be the owner of the ranch. I sure enjoyed visiting with him.

Our stop for lunch was right on the river. I take Fancy to get a drink.

Horses resting while riders have lunch.

The sky was so pretty.

Fancy wouldn't drink earlier so I tried again. I had brought Diamond too and thought I would get a chance to ride him after lunch but where we stopped was too far away so I left him at the trailer. Fancy was not happy not having him along.

We had live music too. Check out the cutest member of the band. That little boy right in the middle of the picture.

Here's a close up. He wasn't really playing but he had all the other moves down to tapping his foot!

The T-shirts being sold.

McCrae is the little boy who has this disease. His Mom is the one who organized this event and her Uncle is the owner of the Ranch.

McCrae's Mom giving recognition and thanks to all who have participated and volunteered.

Line to lunch.

Heading out for the afternoon ride. We lost a lot of riders. There were 80 riders signed up. Only 10 of us rode in the afternoon.

I took this picture as it encouraged me to know this guy wasn't too proud to use a step to get on his horse! I may have to do that one day! In fact I saw several ladies do it.

This is a memorial to the ranch owner's son who died when he was six. I don't know what happened. I thought it was special that he would share such a personal thing with the group.

Beautiful, beautiful scenery!

It was a great day and a great ride. I feel privileged to have been able to ride on this land. I hope to do this ride again!

Have a good one!