Sunday, May 29, 2016

Another Nest

My goodness I have been so privileged to see three different sets of baby birds this spring! This last one I believe is what is known as a Titmouse. I didn't figure that out until I saw the mother and looked her up.

These pictures were taken May 19th. I heard the chirping of little birds coming from a pipe that holds the roof over the barn. At first I thought there wasn't anyway I could see them much less get a picture. But one day they were so vocal I decided to give it a try.

Trying to get in position to do that was going to be creative in itself! I had to climb the cables, then stand on the top pipe.

Then while holding a flash light in one hand and my phone in the other and balancing myself with my leg against the vertical pipe I tried getting some pictures. (Crazy, I know!). It took several attempts!

Finally one of them sticks their head up.

I wasn't very happy with my results so I tried again the next day May 20th. I had hoped to get a picture of the Mother. I was not disappointed.

Remember to click on the picture to see more detail.

Momma got a big bug for the young'uns!

I took these pictures on May 21st. These guys are ready to get out!

You will probably need to click on this one to see it but there is a bug flying by just out of reach!

One of them got out of the pipe and on the pearling. It wasn't sure what to do!

Mother with breakfast.

One hungry baby!

The baby you saw on the pearling outside the pipe? Well I guess he found his wings as I noticed he was gone. I recognized his chirping as I had been hearing it for a couple of days. I saw him try to fly and end up on the ground. Mother was fluttering around him chirping frantically as if to get him to higher ground. I wanted to help but I didn't want to interfere either. I debated. I knew I couldn't touch him but then I got the idea to find a dead branch and see if he would get on it then I would try to get him transferred to a tree. (This picture I took with my phone...that's how close to him I was)

My idea worked! I took this picture with my phone too! I ever so gently moved the branch toward a tree and he flapped his wings and made it to a tree. Success! I was so happy! At least he wasn't and easy target anymore!

Here he is in a tree. I took this picture with my big camera and zoom lens.

The next day all the babies were gone. Flown the coop!

Have a good one!


  1. You have had a lot of nests this year! And you take such great photos of them and the birds!!

    1. Thanks Sandy! This is the first time that I have encountered three different kinds! It was quite a treat!