Monday, October 12, 2015

Kennedy and The Baker Hotel

Wednesday October 7th was my last day to have the kids. Kennedy went with me to work. When I was done at the office Kennedy asked if we could go look at the Baker Hotel.

It is still closed but you can walk on the veranda and around the building. I didn't figure it would take long so I told her "sure".

When we parked I grabbed my camera as I thought I might get some cute pictures of her.

Even in its disrepair, she is still a grand structure. I continued to be amazed at the architecture.

There are plans in the works for its revitalization but it is very slow going.

One of my favorite views!

An exposed brick by vandalism used on the stair case .

Peeking into the window to see if she can see anything.

She wasn't satisfied to walk around just once but twice! And this time she asked if she could take pictures. With careful supervisor I let her.

She was intrigued by the light fixtures.

She also like this. I do believe she has an eye for photography!

She thought this little drive was also interesting. This comes up to the back of the hotel.

Kennedy also took this. This is the back entrance to the hotel. The drive above is just to the left out of this photo.

It was here that she wanted us to take a selfie!

I was glad to share this experience with her. It also makes me happy that she is interested in this old building.

Have a good one!


  1. Kennedy does have an eye for photography. Her photos were very good. I haven't walked around the Baker in a few years. It's always so interesting though and you can get great photos. I hope they do restore it but I'm beginning to wonder. It would be nice to see some work starting on it!

    1. Thanks Sandy! Yes I would too. Think there is just too many hurdles with it being multiple investors.