Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I Want to Help

It doesn't matter what I'm doing the grandkids always "want to help me". Today was no exception
although the task (in my opinion) wasn't a pleasant one!

A week ago (Wed October 14th) I was outside with Kashton and Kennedy. They were swinging and playing outside. It was a pleasant day and I was noticing the yard had several dog poop piles. I didn't want the kids to step in any of them so I grabbed a shovel to scoop them up. Once I did both of them coming running to me to ask what I was doing and if they could help too! "Why sure!" I reply.

As you can see Kashton still has his batting glove on!

I am taking full advantage as I'm pretty sure the day will come when they will not be such willing participants!

Have a good one!