Saturday, May 2, 2015

Palo Pinto County Tour Part 2

I was able see all but two sites on the Palo Pinto County Tour Saturday April 25th. I left you last post at Worth Ranch.

Next stop I took on the tour was at Rio Roca Chapel on the Brazos....the main reason I wanted to do the tour!

This place is so beautiful! The pictures really don't take the place of being there.

The drive to the chapel is 2 miles from the main road. That drive was so pretty. Horse sculptures lined the road. It is called the "Trail of Iron Ponies".

There was also this interesting rock along the drive. It looks like a bunny. Someone did put an "eye" on it but the rest of the rock I believe is natural.

I also saw these beautiful purple flowers with many butterflies. I had to stop to take a picture!

The jagged metal piece you see on the right of this photo is part of a water feature. It was turned off while I was there.

The piano was playing electronically. When I was standing outside looking in I could have sworn I saw a person sitting at the piano playing! The keys were actually being played! It was kind of weird! Do you see the river in the background?

Wouldn't a sunset picture here be just fabulous?!

This little guy was part of the Trail of Iron Ponies but I didn't get a picture until I left.

I spot more flowers on my way to the next spot on the tour.

By now it's lunch time  and my route takes me through the small community of Graford where there is a cafe. I've heard wonderful things about the food here so I decided to stop there to eat before going on to the next spot on the tour.

It was as good as it looks!

The next site on the tour and my last for the day is Young Ranch at Flat Rock Crossing.

The Young Ranch and its headquarters were at one time one of the largest ranches in Palo Pinto County exceeding 20,000 acres. In the early days of the ranch, its primary business was trading out horses with the Calvary as they moved up and down the old Texas Forts Trail.

The building to the far right of the photo is a log cabin with upstairs living quarters and the downstairs for holding horses. All the structures you see in this photograph were built around 1870.

Stairs leading to the living area.

View where horses were kept.

Living quarters full of all sorts of articles from that era.

This barn is behind the house.

Inside the barn. Some of the old saddles on display.

Stone water trough.

I regretfully realize that I am running out of time and need to go home to prepare for the wedding. I did not get to see all there was at this location but I did learn they will be on the tour again in 2 years Hopefully there will be no wedding I need to attend!

I'll save my story on the wedding for another day!

Have a good one!


  1. How interesting! Those iron ponies are beautiful! Love all the photos and this part of your tour!