Monday, May 25, 2015

Abundance of Rain

Can I dare say it? We're waterlogged! Don't misunderstand me. I'm not complaining, I just like to
share the wealth with some areas that have not been as fortunate as us!

I love that everything is green and all tanks (ponds), creeks, rivers and lakes are full. In fact there's water standing in our back yard and in the pasture. This picture was taken May 10th. It is now May 24th and it still looks like this! The downside is now there are mosquitoes! I'm spraying the horses everyday to help with that. Mosquitoes carry the dreaded West Nile Virus and not only can humans get it but horses can too! Clyde was one of the first cases in our county. He survived it but he was one very sick horse. He spent 5 days at the vet clinic. This was several years ago now. Proof he's a tough one!

Wednesday night May 13th on my way home from church I got to witness a gorgeous sunset. I found a place to stop and take a few pictures before going home.

This is a church I pass on my way home. I've been waiting for a evening like this to take this picture.

On Thursday May 14th I went with a couple of other ladies from my church to a conference about 2 hrs away that went through Saturday. During one of the breaks I saw these cool clouds.

Have a good one!


  1. Beautiful sunset photos. I'm happy too for all the rain but feel we need to really dry out a bit. Some plants are beginning to look weary from TOO much water! We have water standing behind our house. Eddie finally was able to mow just the front yard which was 18" tall and still nearly got stuck in soggy areas!

    1. The plants are the only thing weary of all the water! We also have water standing in the back yard! The horses shoes are coming off too because it's so wet!