Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring Isn't Far Away

We are having more and more warm weather days. We've had enough little rains along that people are mowing their weeds! You notice I didn't say grass. We are still in extreme drought even with the moisture we have received. Plum trees are beginning to bloom. Easter is still 2 weeks away and winter isn't over until we get past that! I keep thinking we'll get one more blast of cold before then. I hope I'm wrong.

Tuesday night March 10th Kennedy spent the night and since it was spring break here and Pastor was out of the office I let Kennedy come with me to the office and spend the day.

It was a beautiful day outside. Mommy had sent some school work for Kennedy to do at the office.
She didn't get it all done so after we got home we made ourselves some lunch and set on the patio.

After her school work we played in the backyard. Kennedy discovered a huge toad. I guess it got warm enough that he came out to find bugs to eat.

Kennedy wanted to touch his belly so I picked him up.

Every time the toad jumped she jumped! It was funny. She wanted to touch him but was startle every time he hopped! She's better than her mother though.

I thought it was ironic that Vanessa posted a video today on Facebook that I had taken 3 years before of Kennedy with a toad. It is so cute.
Have a good one!


  1. Wow! That is a huge toad! He's done quite well over the winter! I hope you are WRONG about us having another cold spell! Looks like Kennedy was a great office helper! :)

    Sandy’s Crafty Creations Blog

    1. Ya for him to be in hibernation I don't know how he got so fat! I hope I'm wrong too but we'll see! Thanks so much!