Sunday, March 15, 2015

Many Faces

Korin (pronounced core-in) is such a good baby! She rarely fuses and usually smiles unless I'm trying
to take her picture!  The kids were over the other night (March 10th) and I took a few pictures.

Here's little Miss Solemn!

Getting a reaction. Will it turn into a smile?!

What kind of face is this?!

There we go! Wow! That was work!


Then Kashton did something very unusual. He has yet to spend the night with me as he is one of those kids who only sleeps well in his own bed. We were in my bedroom and Kashton started saying he wanted to go to bed. So I put him in my bed. Of course he wanted me to lay down with him. So I had Kennedy get a book for me. It was one of my childhood books called "The Pony Who Couldn't Say Neigh". The story is about a pony who could make any animal sound except his own. Kashton started making the animal sounds so I took a video. It was too large to upload through Blogger so click here to view.

I realize more and more listening to other grandmothers just how blessed and privileged I am to have my grands so close! I love them so much!

Have a good one!