Tuesday, November 25, 2014

50th Anniversary Celebration

My Uncle Jim and Aunt Sharon were married 50 years ago. This is my Dad's sister. I was the flower girl in their wedding.

My cousins Kevin and Deborah.

Kids, spouses and children! Kevin and his wife have 6 children, 5 boys and 1 girl. The little girl in a black and blue top was adopted from Guatemala. Deborah has two children, 1 girl and 1 boy. The little girl is one month older than Kennedy.

Kennedy made friends with my cousin Keven's little girl Isabella. She is 7 years old and Kennedy is nearly as tall as she is!

Kevin's wife, Kelly took all of these photos. She is a photographer. She graciously shared the photos with the family. I love this picture of Barbara (my stepmother) with Korin.

Kashton wanted a balloon so I got one for him. my cousin Deborah's little boy, Josiah is a year older than Kashton and he had a balloon too but he kept stealing Kashton's. I think this is why you see this look!

Here's a few more photos from the family celebration the night before. I'm wearing a red sweater on the left of the photo. My hair is the give away!

Showing Vanessa their wedding album with a picture of me as the flower girl.

It was a great time! I'm really glad I made the trip.


  1. What a wonderful milestone and so happy you went to celebrate with them! They needed their flowergirl there! :)