Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Book for Remi

My granddaughter Remington (Remi) is 3 years old. She lives with her Mom out of state and we only get to see her every two weeks. We got to see her for the first time last July. I was anxious about how I would feel about her but my worries melted with our first introduction. She is an adorable and precious little girl. It didn't take her very long to figure out that "Savtah" always has her camera taking pictures!

This is the very first picture I took of her. This was last summer. I have several now as I try to take pictures every time she is here. One day while I was looking at the number of scrapbooks I had for Kennedy I knew I had to do something for Remi. I asked her Dad about trying to get some pics of her before we met her to try to make her a baby book. I'm still working on that one. In the mean time I began to think about making a little chipboard album for Remi made with pics of us with her that she could take home.

Remi is all about "pink", "princesses" and "bling" so this 3Bugs Savannah line worked great! Bearing in mind that I was making this for a 3 yr old. I glossy accented nearly everything! I spelled her name on the front of the album with sticker letters and covered with glossy accents. I did the same with the rhinestones. I used tule on the ring.

I chose to start her book with her birthday party which was in November. Vanessa planned a party at the park. Vanessa told me that after her party was over that day that she wanted to "have her birthday again". At least we knew she had a good time!

These are of Christmas. The pic on the right is her finding her ornament on the tree I bought for her.

These are some of my favorite photos! Taken in September last year. Daddy having tea with his girls! What a man that is willing to wear a hat and play tea party knowing his mom-in-law will take pics and post them on the web! That's a good Dad!

Making bubbles while Granddad watches. Remi & Kennedy using Granddad's "inkers" to write on paper.

Visiting Granddad at the fire station and getting a tour of the fire truck and ambulance.

Pics with Daddy, sister and Granddad.

Pretty girls in pretty flowers...take this spring.

Having fun on Valentine's Day with Savtah. We played in their room and acted silly!

Of course we had to put the dogs and kitties in her book. This is what I wrote on the last page:

I made this book for you to look at when you are not with us
and to show your Mommy the people who love you when you come to visit.
You are very precious to me. I hope you enjoy your book.
I look forward to your visits. I love you very much

In my haste to give Remi her book I failed to get a picture of her with it so I asked Daddy to do that before he took her home. He did...after he bathed them...so their hair is wet! Aren't they just the cutest things?!

You want to know the sweetest thing? When I showed Remi her book she hugged my neck and told me "thank you"! That was my undoing! How does a 3 yr old know how to appreciate something like that?! I was blown away! She has captured my heart just like my Lil' Peanut!


  1. The story and the book you made for Remi are both very sweet! But, I have to know how you got the name "Savtah?" LOL

  2. This is just precious! The book is awesome Valerie and I can tell in the last photo how much it means to Remi. It was a wonderful idea to make a book for her to take home with her.

  3. I knew "someone" would ask about my name! "Savtah" (sound out the a like 'aw' for both a's) is the Hebrew word for grandmother. I wrestled over a grandmother name for months. One day I was driving across town when the thought crossed my mind "What is the Hebrew word for grandmother". I was like "where did that come from? I have no idea!" Well, I believe God was speaking to me as I had asked Him what my grandmother name should be. I asked my pastor's wife. She didn't know but she knew a couple who are founders of a Jewish ministry our church supports. I just knew when I heard what it was that it was the name for me. Very original, not very likely that anyone else in my sphere of influence will have this name! Of course right now the girls came me "TaTa"! But you know...I don't care! Just no one else better call me that! LOL!

  4. Thanks Sandy! I really enjoyed making this simple little book for her. Hope her Mom will let her keep it. One reason why I wanted pics of it and a pic of her with it just in case.