Sunday, March 26, 2017

Treasure Hunt 3-11-2017

When someone says Treasure Hunt I'm sure like me you tend to think of maps and finding valuable treasure! Well, all those things are true but not the way you might think

Our church has Treasure Hunts once a month. We have treasure maps and look for clues to find our treasures just like a typical treasure hunt except the treasure we are looking for is people.

I love these things and am afraid of them all at the same time!

We take a piece of paper, then pray and ask God for clues. We first ask for a place to go or location. A lot of times we will get a location like a grocery store, or fast food restaurant. One time we got a name of a street.

Then we ask if it's a man or woman. We then ask for a description such as color of clothing, are they wearing a ball cap, glasses.

We ask God what they might need prayer for such as knee pain, back pain, finances, job etc.

Then we ask about unusual clues this is kind of where my store comes in.

Kennedy went with me on a treasure hunt the very first time because Vanessa needed me to keep her. Ever since that time she will ask me when the next treasure hunt is! There was one time that she and I were the only ones who showed up and she still wanted to do it. Talk about getting pushed 😳😲😰! If you're interested in watching our report of that treasure hunt go here.

This Treasure Hunt we were was a small enough group that we all rode together. We had stopped at a couple of locations encountering treasures along the way. We were feeling really good and were going to call it a day when Kennedy insisted we keep going as one of location clues was Dollar General and we hadn't been there yet. One of Kennedy's unusual clues was "giraffe". There was a giraffe piece at a business called "Bargains for Better Homes" which sells home decor that was on the way to Dollar General. Kennedy pointed that out as we passed to go to Dollar General. No one was outside at the business. I told Kennedy that if someone was outside when we came back by after Dollar General we would stop.

We did not see any clues at Dollar General and headed back to the church. As we are passing Bargains for Better Homes I see some people we stopped. Only Kennedy and I got out the rest stayed in the truck. We talked to the first person we saw. After sharing with her what we were doing she said, "I'm not your treasure but I think I know who is. Let me go get her."

Out came a woman with "red hair" (a clue), "red shirt" (another clue). We had actually prayed for this woman before back in September. She had then been recently diagnosed with cancer. This is a great testimony to listen to as well! You can watch it  here. Kennedy had an unusual clue on this venture too (a chihuahua) and Pastor Kirk had the clue "elephant" and here's the picture to prove it!

Back to the woman. She came out to see us. She remembered us and said that she had surgery for the cancer and she was now considered cancer free! She told us "your prayers worked"! Boy were we excited! Kennedy asked her if she would take a picture with her with the giraffe. She was so sweet to oblige.

I believe in supernatural healing but I also believe that God sometimes chooses to heal people through the hands of doctors through medicine and procedures. If you think about it, that in itself is still pretty miraculous!

If you would like to watch the testimony from this Treasure Hunt go here.

Thanks for allowing me to venture away from my usual posts. It is all part of "Adventures with Valerie" 😊

Have a good one!


  1. Awesome treasure hunt! And so happy that Kennedy loves to go with you and I'm very happy for the lady you prayed for and her cancer remission.