Monday, March 27, 2017

Remi's Spring Break Visit 3-22-17

This week is Remi's Spring Break. Vanessa picked her up on Friday March 17th. Vanessa had quite a
few activities planned. Although we did get to see Remi some, Wednesday was the first day she and Kennedy came to stay the night. I picked them up after work.

After a bite of lunch Remi wanted to go to the craft room (a girl after my heart!) Kashton came over too for a little while.

Remi got glasses since we saw her last. It sure changes her looks.

Even Kashton got in on stamping! This is his first time!

See the mare and foal that is stamped on paper? Kashton stamped that! He stamps better than I do! 😲

A heart that Kennedy colored for Remi.

Vanessa came and picked up Kashton. Later the girls and I head to the horses to ride. As we head out the door I see something big hovering like a hummingbird around a floral bush I have. On a second look I see it is a White-lined Sphinx Moth. I've seen them before but they haven't visited my yard in several years! Probably because of the drought and I didn't have any flowers! At first look they appear to be hummingbirds. They are almost that big! And the way they fly is similar too. They are nearly as quick in their movement. They are unique creatures!

I was thrilled to have this opportunity to photograph them!

As we are driving to the horses it occurs to me that if I'm going to get pictures of the girls in the Bluebonnets I should do it then as I may not get another opportunity so I tell the girls we are taking a slight detour to do just that. Thankfully there are several small patches of Bluebonnets in town making it easy to get a quick photo shoot!

They girls couldn't resist picking these beauties! It wasn't until just a few years ago that I thought it was against the law to pick Bluebonnets because it is our State flower! I learned that the myth circulates to keep people from picking them!

The pink flowers are Primrose. At least that's what they are called here.

These pictures only took about 15 minutes then we were on our way.

These girls love this horse. Especially Kennedy. She insists the Clyde is hers. Remi (not believing her sister - imagine that 😲) asked me "is Clyde really belong to Kennedy?" I say "No, he is really Granddad's horse". Kennedy is still emphatic that he is hers 😏. It will be a sad day indeed when he is no longer with us. He really is beginning to show his age (27). That IS really old for a horse. He's not holding his weight as well, He's got a bit of a sway in his back and moves like a turtle but I can trust him with the girls 😊.

Look how relaxed and confident she looks!

Kennedy was happy to ride with me.

Unfortunately my phone battery went dead so I didn't get any other pictures. I wanted to get some video of the girls taking turns getting Clyde to trot.

The girls spent the night and went to work with me the next day. They had a great time and so did I 😊!

Have a good one!


  1. I'm happy that Remi continues to come for visits and what a fun time it looks like you all had. And I don't know what those big moth looking things are either but so beautiful and interesting.

    1. Thanks Sandy! That big moth is called a White-lined Sphynx Moth. They are big!