Thursday, March 16, 2017

March 8, 2017

It was time for the farrier.

Tools of the trade.

Later that day Vanessa had me come over to sit with the kids. Kennedy's puppy (Classy) got Parvo and had to spend a couple of days at the vet clinic.  She was well enough to go home and Vanessa didn't want to take the kids.  Kennedy was running fever and had vomiting. The other two seemed ok. After Vanessa got home, Kashton started vomiting.

I had to leave for church but during church Vanessa messaged me to see if I would leave early to help with Korin. Vanessa didn't feel well, Kennedy and Kashton were both sick and Korin was just a happy active little toddler. Keannon was at work. So I went over to take care of Korin and the others for a little while.

Korin is "helping" me fix her something to eat. Isn't she so cute! After I got her fed I put her to bed and went home.

Korin woke up around 2AM vomiting.

I managed to only get a mild case of whatever it was they had.

Everyone is well now!

Have a good one!


  1. Oh goodness. Glad your case of it was mild but how awful for so many to have it at once!! I love the first photo of your horse and that last photo of Korin. So cute!

    1. thanks Sandy! Yes, it was kind of weird how they all got it about the same time. Keannon was the only one who didn't get sick!