Friday, February 3, 2017

New Family Member 2-2-2017

Kajen's health got so bad the kids had to make the decision to have him euthanized January 13th. He was 10. He was the best dog they ever had.

Kennedy has wanted another dog for sometime. A small dog that she could hold and snuggle with. Vanessa had tried a couple of different times to get a rescue but none of those worked out.

Kennedy told me today while she was practicing guitar that she had ask God for a puppy. (At that time I knew she was getting one as Vanessa had told me a few hours before Kennedy and I had this conversation).

This sounds unrelated but hang with me, it is part of the story. The kids bought a house the same day Kajen died. What a roller coaster of emotions! Anyway, they have been working on it getting it prepared to move into.

Vanessa wanted to surprise Kennedy with the puppy so the plan was for me to bring Kennedy to the new house after guitar lessons. So this video is taken in the new house. I will post some pics and tell more in another post about the house.

Vanessa was planning to video her reaction but it backfired. Vanessa instructed her to go to see her room as Daddy was working in there. He was sitting on the floor with the puppy between his legs. He was wearing black pants and the puppy is black. Kennedy didn't see the puppy. Kennedy just thought Mommy was taking video of her and she didn't like it and ran out of the room totally unaware her surprise was right before her eyes. Needless to say videoing the surprise failed but I got a short clip of her Facetiming Remi to tell her.

The puppy is a little female Mini Australian Shepherd. It's not supposed to get more than 10lbs.  Kennedy isn't sure yet what name she will give her but she's thrown around the name "Brently".

Kennedy is very happy!

Have a good one!

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