Friday, February 17, 2017

Father-Daughter Dance 2-9-2017

Every year Palo Pinto County Children's Alliance Center has sponsored a Father/Daughter (K-6th Clark Gardens.
grade) dance in the Mineral Wells area. The ticket sales for the dance benefit this agency. This year's dance was held at

The kids had just moved to their new house but not all their stuff just yet so I got a chance to see Kennedy and her Dad before the dance and took a few pictures.

Using the reflection in our storm door to check herself out.

Off to the dance.

They had a great time!

There was a pretty sunset that night too!

Have a good one!


  1. These father and daughter dances are wonderful. I love seeing everyone's photos. Our school didn't have these when Brandy was little but I have a photo of her and Eddie dancing when she was 14 at her brother's wedding that I love. Beautiful sunset photos!

    1. I love that they do these dances! They didn't do them when Vanessa was younger either.