Saturday, November 12, 2016

Fall Festival

Saturday October 29th, Vanessa was out of town for a family wedding and I took Kashton and Kennedy to the Fall Festival at Church of God.

Kennedy was "Evie" a character of the Disney movie Descendants. We tried to spray her hair blue but didn't have enough spray and she was supposed to wear a necklace that was part of the costume but she didn't want to. Kennedy is her own person!

Kashton was a "Power Ranger".

When we got to the festival we ran into some people we know from church. Their daughter Paige and Kennedy like hanging together so Kennedy walked around with them. Kashton and I were on our own.

The first thing he wanted to do was the Superman Jump house.

I didn't get many pictures as Kashton wanted me to hold his hand or help him with whatever the game was. Here he is trying to hit the ball through. I got this picture then had to help him.

A little cotton candy!

Not the best picture but got him to stop for just a second!

The location of the festival the sunset was blocked by a hill but the view over the church produced some pretty pink/orange clouds.

Have a good one!