Friday, October 21, 2016

Sunset October 6, 2016

I enjoyed watching the sky while I fed horses Thursday night October 6th. I had almost waited to late to see it. This was my view of the sky driving east across town to the horses.

There wasn't a lot of color but what there was, was beautiful! That little white spot is the moon.

Here is another view of looking to the east. This phenomenon is fascinating to me. I don't know why in all my years I've never noticed it before. And now that I have it seems I see it all the time!

As I make my way to the barn I feed the horses in I spot something just outside of their pasture. It's black & white and moving. A closer look I can see it's a skunk! I tried to get a picture of it before it noticed me but the auto setting on my camera focused on the fence and not the skunk! The horses were following me into the barn and once the skunk heard the sound of their feet on the concrete he scampered off. Which was a good thing! This picture I took from inside Fancy's stall.

Back to the sunset.

The color is fading as I take one last picture.

Have a good one!


  1. Beautiful sunset photos! We have a skunk that comes to our front porch once in a while to eat cat food. Yikes! Have to look out before opening the door. LOL

    1. Thanks Sandy! A skunk out your back door is a little too close to home!