Monday, October 3, 2016


Monday evenings Keannon and Vanessa both have Bible Study and Kennedy has volleyball practice
so I take her to practice and pick her up.

I use the time she is at practice to go feed horses. Last Monday September 26th I had taken Kennedy to practice. I was getting back in my truck when something in the sky caught my eye. What I saw was lots and lots of large birds. My very first thought was they were Canadian Geese although they were flying low and not making any sound. That's odd I thought. I grabbed my
camera as quick as I could changing lenses to my zoom and started snapping pictures. It wasn't until I got home and put the pictures on the computer that I was able to see that the birds were not geese but pelicans!!

We have pelicans that winter here as well.

It was pretty cool to watch!

Leaving the gym where I left Kennedy, I hadn't driven very far when I saw this!

There were two!

Nice little pose before I leave.

Pretty clouds.

I thought this was cool. There was too much cloud cover for a colorful sunset but it looked like the clouds were streaks like sun rays to me.

Have a goo done!


  1. I wonder where the pelicans came from. There were still pelicans and geese on the Mississippi in Iowa that hadn't migrated yet when we were there last week. And I got to see a bald eagle! A couple of them--too far to take a photo with my phone but I saw them flying and you could tell it was one. Also saw a nest in a tree on the riverbank and saw one swoop down and catch a fish in front of the riverboat!

    1. I have no idea where they come from! Wow how cool is that to see an eagle. That's on my bucket list to see one in the wild and get a picture!