Saturday, October 1, 2016

Korin's 2nd Birthday

Korin Faith Bailey turned 2 on September 26th. Since that was a Monday, Vanessa held her party on Saturday September 24th. The theme was "Two-tti-Fruity". A friend of hers did this theme for her daughter's 2nd birthday. Vanessa liked it and asked to use it which she was ok with. The cake is so cute and so is our birthday girl!

Mommy trying to get Korin to hold up two fingers.

She tried!

The food and gift table.

Table decorations were "fruity" balloons anchored by fresh pineapple and fruit snack packs.

And there was fresh fruit. Vanessa had planned to have watermelon too but it was too late in the season and they were all gone.

Daddy manned the grill while Granddad and Papa Joe supervised.

Mommy and the birthday girl with their "fruity" shirts on!

Going down the slide while waiting for the food to get ready.

Time for cake! It was a bit windy. Dad is trying to shield the candle as he's lighting it.

Having a bite of cake.

Korin and her favorite person "Kashy" as she calls him. And she is the only one who can call him that. Grammer called him that one day and he set her straight real quick that his names was Kashton!

Mommy and Daddy got her a battery operated car her size! She loved it! Now to get her to figure out how to keep from running into things!

Opening gifts. She loves babies and she got several. This is one of them. She is delighted!

Another baby!

Mommy reads her one of her cards.

She's even excited about clothes! What two year old does that?

All the kids close by to watch Korin open presents.

It was a great turnout and a great birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday Korin!

Have a good one!


  1. Hard to believe Korin is 2!! That cake is adorable and such a fun party!! Happy Birthday to Korin and to Vanessa too. I forgot in the blog post for her birthday.

    1. Thanks Sandy! Time is passing way too quickly.