Friday, July 29, 2016

The Sleep Over That Wasn't

At Vanessa's football game Kashton asked me multiple times if he could spend the night with me. This was unusual. He has never spent the night with me. I talked it over with his Mom & Dad and we decided to give it a try.

While I cooked supper Granddad took Kashton for a ride on the "mule" a Kawasaki utility vehicle that he got me to use at the horses. He just hasn't hauled it over there yet.

After supper we go feed horses. While we are waiting for them to finish, Kashton entertains me with running and playing in the dirt.

We had another cool "starburst" effect sunset. I just love these!

After we got back from feeding horses, I gave Kashton a bath because he was REALLY dirty. I put his pajamas on him and laid him on the couch. Granddad turned on a recorded program of Paw Patrol. He had not had a nap that day so I knew he was tired. Ten o'clock rolled around, eleven o'clock rolled around and he was still awake. About 11:30pm he starts saying he wants me to take him home. I try talking him out of it by saying "Kennedy didn't get to spend the night so you could". He said "Kennedy can spend the night now!" LOL! I called Daddy and he came to get him. That's okay. We'll try again another time! Have a good one!