Thursday, July 14, 2016

Aunties Come to Texas

My Aunt Sandy and Aunt Kay came to visit for a few days on July 5th. They stayed in the Peanut Palace while they were here. 

On Thursday, July 7th we went out to lunch. Here we are leaving Mother's house. 

On Friday, July 8th we had a cook out celebrating Keannon's birthday and the Aunties visiting.

This is a card I made for Keannon.

 We had steak and chicken. Here are the grill masters! 

Visiting while the guys are grilling.

Mom and my Aunt Sandy.

Vanessa and my Aunt Kay.

Kashton played in the little swimming pool while dinner was cooking.

Korin "cheesing" for me while Kashton is over my taking pictures! Kennedy was in the house. I manage to not get a picture of her! 

Everybody in our little kitchen!

The birthday boy. I made him my famous chocolate sheet cake with chocolate frosting.

It was a great evening.

Aunt Sandy and Aunt Kay enjoyed their stay but had more places to go and more people to see. We said our goodbyes on Saturday night and they headed out on Sunday morning July 10th.

We loved having you here! Thanks for coming to Texas!

Have a good one!


  1. Love the birthday card! What a great celebration and you and your aunts and mother look so much alike!!