Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wasn't Expecting That

Reader's Alert If you're the least bit squeamish you may want to scroll through a couple of the pictures.

Friday April 15th was Mom's check up with her surgeon. She's 4 weeks post-op. They planned to
remove the cast and take x-rays. Mom was in good spirits and had made out a list of errands she wanted to run and some grocery items to buy while we were out. Her appointment was at 9:15am. We were about 10 minutes late (thanks to me) but it really didn't matter as they were behind at Dr. Cook's office. First thing was to remove the cast so xrays could be taken.

This is the picture you may not want to look at.

After the cast was removed we saw this yellow spot in the middle of her incision. We all said "that's not good". Do you also notice the discoloration and swelling in her upper foot?

Do you notice the area around her ankle and heel that appears like a shadow? It's bruising I guess. I don't recall it being there last time the cast was off.

Dr. Cook comes in with his assistant. He doesn't even talk about the xrays. He is focused on the infection.

Dr. Cook pokes at the spot. He says "you've got infection in there. That's not good and it's down to the bone. I've got to do surgery."

Mom said "you're kidding!"

Dr. Cook says "No, I'm not. I need to do surgery to clean out this infection. Probably tomorrow. I'll makes some calls."

Mom and I are both in disbelief. As we're trying to wrap our brains around what he's just told us he comes back in the room and says "I'm not waiting until tomorrow. I'm going to do it today! You can tell by his face he's not happy.

Now Mom and I are in shock. We had both planned on doing things that afternoon. Now we were making an unexpected trip to the hospital in Dallas another 30 miles further East! I quickly text Doyle and some others to let them know of the drastic change in plans.

Needless to say Mom is disappointed and trying to figure out how this could have happened while the nurse rewraps her foot.

We get to Texas Presbyterian Hospital (where she had surgery initially) in Dallas. Here we are waiting in to get her admitted.

Going through all the paperwork before they take her to surgery.

They didn't get me a case number at admissions as they had before. Probably because this wasn't a scheduled surgery. By the time I got her case number she was nearly done! Her number is 602943. You may have to click on the picture to enlarge to see better.

And before I knew it she was done! It probably took less than an hour.

Dr. Cook talked to me after surgery and said everything went well. He was pleased with the healing of the initial surgery and said her bone looked healthy. Now to identify the infection. He said Mom would be in the hospital at least through the weekend.

I made plans to go home to pickup some things for Mom. Her cell phone died before I left the hospital so I took it with me to charge. I also needed to take care of her dog Buttons. I would come back the next day.

Have a good one!


  1. Well goodness! That was unexpected to say the least! That infection must have moved fast since your mom's last check up. Good thing that they took care of it quickly and I hope she is healing well and quickly! I looked at the photos. They weren't that bad. :)

    1. She had to be in the hospital for 5 days. I'll blog about soon. Thanks for your well wishes!