Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Last of a Generation

Doyle's Uncle Joe, the last of his Dad's siblings, passed away Sunday April 10th. He lived most of his
life in Odessa in West Texas. A viewing was held there on Monday and burial was at Landreth Cemetery South of Mineral Wells off Interstate 20. Doyle's grandparents (his Dad's parents) are buried there.

Doyle was asked if he would speak which he was honored to do.

He's so handsome! I was so proud you him! He's a natural :)

Because ground was so wet the service was held close to the road and only the pall bearers were allowed to walk to the grave.

Keannon came with us and helped Doyle with the music portion of the service and then served as a pall bearer.

Keannon is wearing the blue shirt.

We spent some time afterwards visiting with family. Doyle's cousin, Rita, rescued this Jack Rabbit. I have never seen a baby before. She found him when his eyes were still closed and has bottle fed him. He seems to be doing well.

Look at those big ears!

and big feet!

It was good to see everyone.

Have a good one!

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  1. It is sad when the last of a generation is gone. On my dad's side they've been gone many years and on my mom's we lost the last aunt a few years ago. Eddie spoke once at one of his friend's service and like you I was very proud and amazed he could do that! I know you felt the same about Doyle though you may have already known he could speak at a service like that. I've never seen a baby Jack Rabbit either! So cute!!