Monday, April 4, 2016


Normally I like surprises. You know when you get an unexpected visit from a friend or that item you wanted that someone buys and gives to you.

But there are surprises of another kind that aren't so fun. Like pulling weeds and discovering this on March 28: Thank goodness he's cold blooded and he wasn't moving! I might have wet myself! I had been weed-eating and to keep from catching the string on the fence I pulled the weeds that were next to it. That's when I found this guy! I did poke him to see if he was alive and he moved! Which then made me jump :)

He was a pretty good size! Maybe 10-12 inches from the tip of his nose to his tail.

The next day I was turning a hay bale over and felt a lump with my hand when I got the bale turned over this is what I found! I shivered when I saw him! His head was actually buried in the hay. I dug him out a bit to take this picture.

It just occurred to me but I wonder if this is the same one! They were about the same size!

Lizards are not as scary to me as snakes but I still don't like being surprised by them!

Have a good one!

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  1. Anything unexpected like that makes me jump! They do look like the same one. Maybe it will be the year of big lizards. Better than the year of lots of snakes! Ha, ha.