Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Replenishing the Flowerbed

I nearly lost all my flowers to the 5 year drought. I had a few very stout Dianthus that survived as you can see partially in this picture.

The place where I buy my horse feed is next door to a Southerlands which had a large garden section with lots of beautiful green and flower plants. After I bought feed Friday April 22nd, I found myself unable to resist going to look. Next thing I know I am carting home several plants!

We had received almost 10 inches of rain over a 3 day period last week and the ground is still very wet but there is more rain in the forecast so I decided to go ahead and plant anyway Sat April 23rd. I dug up several worms!

The flowering Dianthus are my existing flowers. I planted some Gazanias, Zinnias

Garden Phlox, Dahlias, coneflowers

and I planted a few more Dianthus since they do so well for me!

These are suppose to attract butterflies. I sure hope so! I also hope I am able to keep them alive. Even with our abundance of rain we have already been notified that minimal water restrictions will start in June.

Have a good one!


  1. Very pretty! It's hard to want to buy and plant stuff when you have such extremes--drought or too much rain. I have not done my flower beds by the time I think I might want to plant it's too hot! LOL Your's look really nice.

    1. I didn't spend a lot of money so if they don't make it it won't hurt as bad! Thanks Sandy!