Friday, April 15, 2016

Indian Paintbrushes

After celebrating my friend's birthday Friday, April 8th I rode Fancy. Not only are the bike trails closed from water damage so are the trails I ride at the State Park. I could have gone to a friend's to ride but decided to ride around the area by the horses. I found a patch of Indian Paintbrushes behind one of the churches in that area.

Her head is so pretty!

After my ride I decided to let the horses eat some grass. That was a treat for them!

After letting them graze a while I put them back in the pasture and fed them.

After spotting the Indian Paintbrushes I wanted to go back on foot with my camera.

I forget what these are called.

Found a Bumble Bee. He was hard to get a picture of.

Well, that's a wrap. Hope you enjoyed looking as much as I enjoyed taking the pictures.

Have a good one!


  1. I've always loved Indian paintbrushes! They are so beautiful this year!!

    1. Thanks Sandy! They most certainly are!