Saturday, April 16, 2016

Cutest Little Baseball Player Ever!

Kashton turned 3 years old March 5th. He has shown some potential for throwing a ball and hitting a ball of a tee. The kids were going to sign him up to play T-ball but the age here is 4. In the neighboring town of Weatherford they have what is called "blastball" for 3 year olds. So they signed him up.

Blastball is an introduction to T-ball for 3-4 yr olds. Games are only 30 minutes.

Doyle and I were able to attend his game Saturday April 9th.

As you can see he is wearing a glove on his right hand which would indicate he's a lefty. Well, that isn't fully determined just yet. He does throw with his left hand but he's batting right handed!

I think we have a ballplayer in the making!

Daddy doing a little coaching.

Snagging another ball!

After all that preparation and good form he missed the ball!

So Daddy came to help. They are given 4 tries before they get assistance.

And we've got contact!

Running to first!

I made it!

Congratulating the teams.

I think he has found one of his niches. I suspect he's going to be good at many sports. I just have a hunch.

Have a good one!


  1. By these photos, it looks like he'll be really good at baseball. Glad Weatherford had a program for his age!!

    1. Thanks Sandy! He seems to be a natural at it!