Sunday, April 3, 2016

Afternoon with the Girls

Remi is here for Spring Break. It is amazing to me how fast a week can pass! By the time this post
goes live she will be back in California!

Kashton and Korin had "check up" appointments with the pediatrician on Tuesday March 29th. Vanessa figured it would be more fun for the girls to hang out with me so that was the plan we made.

After spending some time in the craft room we went outside. The girls wanted to ride their bikes. It was a very nice day. We rode to the trail head. After all that pedaling Kennedy was ready for a break! So the girls climbed up on the old caboose.

They are so cute!

Then we were off again.

We didn't go a long ways. Kennedy was ready to go back home. We still rode about 3 miles all together.

On the way back I asked them if I could take their picture with some Bluebonnets. At first neither of them were to thrilled as they thought I meant drive some place but I knew of a couple of places in town on our way home that had Bluebonnets in their yards. I got agreement!

Ok...this isn't the most glamorous picture of me! I took off my glasses because the sun had caused them to turn so dark you couldn't see my eyes! I need longer arms!

We had fun!

Have a good one!

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  1. Wow 3 miles is still quite a ways for them to bike. They did awesome. I love the bluebonnet photos but my favorite is the one on the caboose!