Friday, January 1, 2016

Christmas Cookies

This may be hard for you to believe but I have never made "Christmas Cookies". You know the ones that you ice and are in almost every Christmas movie. I've been watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel since Thanksgiving. I guess I had watched one too many when I thought it would be fun to make Christmas cookies with the girls. I was right. It was fun! I don't know why it has taken me so long to do this! Mom contributed by taking some pictures so I could be in some of them. Thanks Mom!

Wednesday night December 23rd I planned for the girls to spend the night and make cookies.  It was so warm I had the window open! Remi's eyes look dark because she had been playing with the makeup she got for her birthday.

Getting the dough ready to roll!

Carefully pulling away the extra dough. Kennedy kept trying to eat it! Once we made all the cookies we could I let her and Remi eat what was left.

The dough is a little darker as I used whole wheat flour.

Remi has gotten the hang of it.

Here's the first batch!

The girls icing the cookies.

Remi got very artistic with her decorating

Her finished masterpiece.

Kennedy was more into putting on the sprinkles.

Kennedy is pretty proud of her creation!

I think we may make this a new family tradition! We had fun. The cookies looked and tasted great!

Have a good one!


  1. Well, that is hard to believe! I've been making them since I was a teen and then with the kids and then Brandy took it over and this Christmas I helped her to decorate them. They are so good! And yours looks great and you had some cute helpers too! :)

    1. Thanks Sandy! We will definitely do it again next year!