Tuesday, June 16, 2015

She's Here!

Remi is here for her first leg of summer vacation. She goes home July 3rd.

Now you will find this interesting or at least I did. Kennedy picked out her shirt that morning. Unaware of Kennedy's choice Remi picked the very same shirt to wear. Is that not cool?! The shirts say "God Loves Country Girls". What is also interesting is Kennedy is a year younger than Remi and yet she is taller and heavier than her sister!

Before Keannon and Remi arrive we went swimming. I have been caring for horses of some friends who are gone for a week. They have a pool and told us to go swim anytime we wanted. Our friends left on Thursday and Saturday was our first opportunity to go.

We have a tongue chewer!

I love this picture of Kash!

There she goes with that tongue again!

Kashton is a good big brother!

After swimming, Vanessa took the kids home to meet up with Keannon and Remi. They then came over for dinner.

Granddad and Korin!

After dinner the kids wanted to play with bubbles.

Mommy got in on blowing bubbles with Kashton.

Remi is thrilled to see her baby sister!

Daddy and Korin.

Kaston eating a popcicle. He's sure a cute little guy!

Of course there is more to come!

Have a good one!


  1. Those two girls are growing up fast! And how fun to get to use the pool!